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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Have you seen lately? Well, I must say I'm quite impressed with the efforts that they have been doing and its so genuine and sincere they never even mention their own brand. Now why invest in something like this?

The country unfortunately has fallen prey to one of the greatest causes of deaths in the 21st century. The high blood pressure, the diabetes, even the heart attack. Wouldn't that worry you if you know that being overweight or obesity is doing this to your body?

The statistics alone is quite shocking. Imagine 4.3 percent of people in the country are fully obese. In around 100 Million of the population, that's about 4,300,000 Filipinos based on 2003 data (probably even more now!) who are at risk of dying from these ailments and nobody's doing anything about it. At a time where technology are making things easier, it makes people do less exercise, and less physical activity. That's something bad. Men get larger tummies, double chins. while women get larger hips, thighs and their own beltbags. It's not something good to look at, it's also dangerous to be in that state of health.

"Through this campaign, we want to focus on the journey towards better health and quality of life, where rewards are reaped not just in achieving the final goal, but in the little successes along the way," said Harold Bongbong, Brand Manager of Xenical"
 We learned that it takes a huge change in lifestyle and is gearing to make us all do it via proper diet, better food choices and physical activity. We got first dibs on that a few days ago during a event in Glorietta. They have the whole activity center made into a workout and health zone. They even launched a couple of TV commercials and web episodes to make sure the information gets to the Filipino consumer. A noble gesture from Roche and the people behind Xenical. All you need to do now is just commit to a healthier lifestyle.

 Since Physical Activity was on the menu, a full blown Zumba class was in session and got these bloggers sweat a bit ahead of the peeps in Glorietta.

And some of them went crazy! hahahah

Xenical is Orilistat. It actually helps to stop absorption of fat. So if you are having oily food, your body won't have to suffer. It is an anti-obesity drug sold over-the-counter which  proves to be the greatest proven way to trim down.

But it is not easy, everybody knows that. With this, and proper diet, physical activities we'll have a better chance to see healthier Filipinos in the next century. Failure is not an option because we deserve a better life. Let's join their campaign and see what it means to ROCK THE FAT AWAY!

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