Discover Delicious: Pasta Supreme by Greenwich

Thursday, April 18, 2013

You know that time when you least expect it and a friend suddenly appears and gave you something you've been craving for the past few days? Mine just happened a few days ago.And yes it was so sweet!

Arriving in my doorstep wasn't something ordinary. It was something a VIP, an executive, a key player, a king, a magnate, a notable personage, a potentate, a prince, a princess, a queen, a top brass personality, a tycoon would deserve but it was just me at home and all the Pasta Supreme goodness that comes with this box. When I opened it... it was like the second coming of Christ!

It was layers upon layers of lasagna noodles, possibly ricotta, Mozzarella, Parmesan, ground beef, tomato sauce, spices and herbs. Who in the right mind would say NO to that? We're not that crazy but we were so obsessed how Greenwich turned our ordinary lunch into something the whole family noted as DELICIOUS. It's even got that same vibe happening on the box!

And I did discover delicious!

Now if that doesn't convince you that their Pasta Supreme line - specifically Lasagna Supreme is good, I took the liberty of biting what's on this plate for you. It was cheesy in all the right places. The sauce was sweet and savory. It was perfect for the Filipino palate and when it's hot oh don't even get me started. It was so good I forgot my own name a couple of times I had to ask my folks who I am afterwards.

Now it's your chance to take my advice and call Greenwich's hotline  5-55-55 and order your favorite Pizza, Pasta, Meals and Beverages from the Philippines' most favorite pizza chain.

Even Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff and Kelly Misa agree it's the best. So why should you say otherwise?

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