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Monday, April 01, 2013

I was in Boracay the whole week and was steady. I was chilling, relaxing and enjoying fruit shakes of all kinds and thinking about the days I've been depriving my self of all the good things I should have eaten the past few days. Then my Sister called me and told me one of the nicest things that appeared in my doorstep. 

It was a picnic basket! Complete with a bouquet of flowers named to me. I immediately asked who sent it and out came this gorgeous surprise. It was a memento, a thing to remember and discover delicious friendship because yes... it is from the good people from GREENWICH!

I immediately asked my sister to see what was inside because I was going to stay a whole week in Boracy. It made me miss Manila so badly and when she muttered up and said the word LASAGNA. Like clockwork I became so sad to see why am I in Boracay when all I wanted was in this single picnic basket in Manila. (-_-)" sigh!

What made it even worse to think about at that time was because it wasn't just plain lasagna. It was more than that, a thing of humongous proportions and the aptly call it LASAGNA SUPREME! I almost cried at the sight of it.

I cringed every time my sister had to tell me another box is gone. It was being eaten by folks at home. The question was.. will I ever get to taste it too? :(

But no.. I wasn't able to see any piece of it.. it was gone.. all gone.. (-_-)" Hayyy...

Good thing the Greenwich Pasta endorsers Solenn, Anne and Kelly gave me news that there's best tasting pasta that's got thicker noodles, chunkier meat sauce, three types of cheese and white sauce that's served with Garlic Stix and available at PhP 79.00 for the snack size and PhP 99.00 for the full size! Now I can just go to any Greenwich store and order one for my self even if I didn't get to taste the one they sent me at home ^______________^ <<< see my wide smile now? 

Thank you so much to the good people at Greenwich, I'll be having my Lasagna Supreme for dinner and get a couple of my favorite Glazed Chicken too! =)

So make sure you head on their stores for the best Pizza, Pasta and Chicken that only Greenwich can bring to your homes! :D

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