Daniel Padilla's Birthday Concert on April 30, 2013!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sometimes when you are successful, you can't just stop where you are. You strive to succeed, and still look for more ways than one to thank your fans. How about a concert? Yes, your hearthrob Daniel Padilla just thought about it and making your dreams come true via his birthday concert slated April 30, 2013!

I know how much the fans love him. I've been to his mall shows and I'm not the only one who'll say I got my eardrums broken by the throng of girls screaming to get his attention. He's good looking, no doubt about that. But the thing that sets him apart from other guys is his attitude. You get that sense of machismo you get from his Uncle Robin Padilla, and when he talks you know he doesn't care that much about his detractors. He'll tell you without batting an eyelash. He'll just get annoyed if you involve his family on things that are not true because overall, he's just a nice guy; and he just wants to do his job to make a living just like any pinoy.

I personally asked him about what he's going to do on his concert and he said he's going to sing songs from his album and a couple more standards or probably some numbers with Kathryn Bernardo. He however stated that he won't be doing any Justin Bieber songs because it's not his genre. He wants more of a rock pop kind of music and that might put some of his fans off if he did that. When asked about some dance numbers, he immediately said no because he doesn't want to do that. He said he's got two left feet and just feels he doesn't need to be pretentious so he will stick to singing. Anyway, I'm sure most of the girls would love that!

The day is already near and Daniel Padilla is so excited about this concert. He hopes his fans would continue to support him because it's not just a celebration of his birthday, but more of a way of saying thanks for the undying support they have given him these past few years. Here's a message from Daniel, listen to this!

So for those who want to get hold of tickets, it's available at all TicketNet outlets or you can buy directly at the Smart Araneta Coliseum Box Office. Get it before it gets sold out!



el toro bumingo said...

Ang dami sigurong iiyak na female fans kung sakaling dapuan ng mariposa si Daniel Padilla. Eh ka-gwapong binata eh :)

Marie Saii said...

hello ' kuya daniel padilla velated HAPPY BIRTHDAY po ")

fan ko po kayu kasi po ang gwapo at mabait nyu tapos ang ganda pa ni ate kathryn bernardo :)

I LOVE YOU kuya daniel =)

Marie Saii said...

kuya DANIEL sana e fan sign nyu ako .. kahit isa lang :=

MARIE SAII lng poh ang e lagay sa papel :