i❤milktea Opens New Branch At Riverbanks Mall in Marikina!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's so HOT. Everywhere you go it's around 36 degrees and you can't hide from the sun at all. People usually stay in malls and enjoy free air conditioning while I sit in my room with the thing on full blast so I won't feel the blistering heat of the sun. I would have loved that when its in Boracay but this one isn't be the same. You need something to extinguish that heat by heading over to i❤milktea in Riverbanks Mall in Marikina. Now that's the perfect thing to have in this part of the metro!


I was there when they opened and immediately had my favorites. The best sellers were evidently ordered a lot (it figures) but there are some items on the menu that you and your friends would enjoy, check this and see what I'm talking about!

I ordered this for starters. This is their Wintermelon Milk Tea with Caramel Konjac Jelly. What is different about i❤milktea is that you get to choose 1 Free topping. The Caramel Konjac Jelly was chewy just the way I like it and you really can taste that sweet caramel flavor that its supposed to have. Pretty neat that they've got other things aside from this for toppings. We just got to have more!

Taro Milk Tea with Rock Salt Cheese just was the thing I figured that would beat the summer heat. It's earthy flavor and salty cheesy top, plus the green tea powder makes a formidable thirst quencher if you plan to have one that's a little different from the normal milk tea.

Lychee Fruit Tea and Caramel Konjac Jelly. Just when you thought they don't have it, they surprise you with tea that is mixed with a fruit base. Lychee just had to be there and the sweet, slightly tangy flavors was also perfect with the Caramel Konjac Jelly that I had earlier. They've also got other things like Popping Bobba, Pearls, Nata De Coco, Pudding and others if you want a different vibe on your drink.

A surefire hit among the kids and teens is the Chocolate Rocksalt Cheese. The strong chocolate flavor has been the perfect pair to the rock salt cheese topping and I order this on a regular basis where I work. Now that there's one in Riverbanks Mall in Marikina, I don't need to go elsewhere when I need to chill and just relax in this part of the city. It's minutes away from Eastwood so if I get my officemates to lunch, it'll certainly do. Which reminds me they've got lots of food items available too!

Pasta was available and surely we had to have Carbonara on the list. The rich, creamy and cheesy sauce was filling and it didn't have to cost me more than a hundred bucks! They've also got Spaghetti and Baked pasta on the menu which I haven't seen in tea shops like these. So far, they are bringing more things to chow on so you could have something to pair up with your favorite milk tea drink.
It's not a regular thing to see on an establishment like this right? =) Pretty neat!

A hefty serving of Nachos with salsa and cheese on the side would be something that a group of friends would want to have while chilling at i❤milktea's awesome store. What's even better is that it only costs 60-85 bucks a pop which is way much of a steal if you tell me. Now people from this community won't have to go to Cubao or Katipunan because they've got something now closer to home. It's a lot easier to access the store too because its within the mall premises. So park your car, order a couple or two of these milk tea concoctions and grab a bite while they serve it hot, cold and fast at the Riverbanks Mall in Marikina City.

Congratulations to my friends also who just opened this business! You've got a lot on your plate but I'm sure you're going to be the next place to watch out for right in the heart of Marikina. I already love i❤milktea, you should too!

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Erica said...

wow! looks so delicious!

Steph Traveliztera said...

Ehhhhh ingget na naman ako hahahaha! nomnom ng pagkain and drinkkks!!! milk tea lover pa naman ako :(( uwi nga ulet ako haha

KUMAGCOW said...

hahaha dali steph libre kita

KUMAGCOW said...

It is! :)

wonderwoman45 said...

OMG parang ang sarap nitooo. Why must it be so far away?? Huhuhu

KUMAGCOW said...

Haha it's near eastwood.. a few minutes lang pwede yannnn lol