Future TV Experience Made Better: Pinoy Real TV; Atin Ito!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A few years ago I've heard a lot about public TV being a defunct medium. Although that would still be something that remains to be seen, the trend seems to be that way. But really, there could be a few things that would limit this to happen like hardware, platform, Internet connection rates... the obvious reasons. They were pretty optimistic though when I got the chance to attend their press conference a few days ago.

What is Pinoy Real TV? It's an Over The Top (OTT) TV channel that lets you watch shows anytime, anywhere on a variety of mediums that include PC's, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices that is set to conquer the nation by storm in the next few years. In the era where digital is dictating how Filipino viewers are expected to behave in having entertainment at the edge of their fingertips, Pinoy Real TV brings in new, fast and variety in real time on the Internet. Does this mean it's going to change the whole landscape of our watching habits? Who knows!

From shows like Urban Tribe, Unique Places, Pinoy Indies, Promdi Chef (which I find quite nice among their lineup), Suit Up, The Workplace, Jojo Alejar's Medyo Late Night Show with Jojo A, plus showbiz oriented HOT SEAT (a no holds barred show), Heartista Advice and the great fashion desginer Avel Bacudio's show "It's Me Avel!" Pinoy Real TV will make your formidable daily viewing habit a better experience.

Pinoy Real TV is powered by Whoa.PH your favorite online channel. There will be more shows and more things to watch out for as the big shift happens on Pinoy Real TV, the future of television.

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