The Smart Move Launch!

Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm a Gl*be subscriber and if you are following @kumagcow on Twitter lately you know how much I've kinda resented doing it. Getting my iPhone5 was a pain, I've got calls dropped, texts that are delayed... what more could I tell you, chances are you are experiencing it too first hand. I envy my friends who already made the SMART MOVE and are enjoying LTE signals in various places around Metro Manila. I on the other hand am locked up until my plan expires and I'm so itching to make the switch. I also asked myself why not do it now since SMART is going all out in new plans, new promos together with their great services. I should have gone to Smart when I had the chance to ditch the other.

We got invited though to their SMART MOVE launch at posh Opus in Resorts World Manila. We saw more celebrities than what we bargained for. Best of all, they are all on the better network. Yes, they have made the SMART MOVE!

Here's a rundown on what happened that evening!

Gorgeous Anne Curtis Smith donning a little black dress, and her hair makes a statement. She's using Smart of course!

A lot of people actually were waiting for this. Here's Elmo Magalona! He was a good chap, and was so accommodating. I don't have to tell you he's good looking because you probably know that already LOL. But really, he was down to earth. No wonder his fans love him a LOT.

The main man himself Manny V. Pangilinan was also there. He only goes to important events and this was really one of it. The endorsers and other celebrities were there. It didn't feel like a TV Station war because Smart brings them all together.

As you can see there were lots of celebrities who came and checked out what Smart had to offer. For those who haven't made the switch, I really felt that I was missing a lot. They even have extra swag to go with the switch available that evening, a free phone plus 5K bucks worth of GC's for shopping. No joke.

Youtube sensation Zendee Rose, Elmo Magalona, Maxene Magalona, Anne Curtis Smith and Jasmine Curtis Smith were all there. I even catched them making faces while posting photos on Instagram =)

Cristalle Belo together with the executives of Smart. They were also trying out the connection since Smart has LTE connection. Obviously, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook was a cinch. So was video streaming and downloads. They can actually try it out on the kiosks before switching to the better network. Actually, I did try some of the phones too and Yes, my iPhone5 speedtests app showed it was better. Haha =) Cristalle was also there telling everyone how Smart has improved her business. Over the past year, she has increased revenue since she started being with Smart.

As if there was a lack of good looking men (aside from me of course haha) they got Rico Blanco, Phil and James Younghusband there too. They have exactly 2 paligo advantage over me haha.

Vhong Navarro, Billy Crawford and the star of the night Ramon Bautista conquered the stage with their antics. Ramon was really funny! A+

Gorgeous Sarah Meier and Marc Nelson hosted the show. They interviewed the endorsers one by one.

They even got me to win a few thousand bucks worth of shopping GC's. GOT LUCKY. Sarah Meier took this photo. :) Thanks Sarah!

Smart's executives told us how it is important to stay connected with your friends and family. They know how important delivering service to the normal consumer is and they want to see a Philippines that doesn't have to make problems out of communication. That's why they have invested a lot in the technology.

Then bottles popped and clinking of champagne glasses were heard. Fireworks ensued!

Cheers to better connections, better Internet and better lives with the better network!

The party didn't stop there. Of course we had to do it with DJ Callum David!

Congratulations Smart for a very successful and worthy launch! You definitely have a lot to celebrate about because doing the SMART MOVE would make the rest of the Philippines make their lives whole lot better. Now comes the grueling task of making them  experience it. Head on to your favorite Smart Business centers and take advantage of doing the Smart Move now! Live more!

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krissy said...

"They have exactly 2 paligo advantage over me haha"

I love it! :D

Thanks for coming, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Make the switch na! :D

Phioxee said...

magka mukha nako kau halos ni marc nelson promise!

John Bueno said...

Hahah you guys are so nice !