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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Staying healthy these days take a lot of effort. Going to the gym, changing lifestyles and eating healthy have to happen before you can see ultimate change. Yes, we're guilty to have to given up desserts and snacks. This time, we have healthy options. There's no excuse why we don't have to choose this lifestyle; if you've got awesome food to go with it... it's a dream waiting to happen!

I visited California Berry yesterday and saw how I could get what I want without feeling guilty. For a cup and more of this Frozen Yogurt or Ice Shavings they call "Ice Ice Baby"... it's blissful and yummy at the same time. It's the best alternative for Ice Cream and the health benefits are tremendous!

They've got the ordinary frozen Yogurt, but this month they've got BLUEBERRY yogurt on their shelves. It's seasonal, they change flavors every now and then.. and this one was oh so yummy!

A spoonful of this great concoction would be heaven on earth. It's got the right consistency, its tangy but just have the right amount of it. Very close to the fruit flavor without that grainy feeling you get from it.

The Toppings!

When you want something good, you have to think about the toppings. They definitely have a lot to choose from so we did a couple of versions with the frozen yogurt and Ice Ice Baby. This one's got the plain and blueberry flavored yogurt plus KIWI fruit, cherry and mangoes! Ummm!!!

How can you resist? =)

Strawberry flavored Ice Ice Baby with Jelly Beans, Orange Candies and small Chocolate kisses!

Melon Ice Ice Baby Flavor flooded with KIWI Fruit and Mangoes. It's one of the best combinations I've ever tried!

For the sweet tooth, you can go for the tiny oreo cookies and candy sprinkles. The Taro flavored Ice Ice Baby is one of their best sellers! I'm not surprised!

For those who LOVE texture on their cup, why not try Mangoes, Walnuts and Lychee pieces on your blueberry yogurt! Yummy!

Take different things on your Melon Ice Ice Baby and enjoy it with marshmallow and Cherries. You can't have enough of cherries! =)

If you're up for some classy add on's you can get the Almond slivers.
Remember that you can get more toppings for an additional 20 pesos!

Go healthy and get this one right after you go to the gym. Taro Ice Ice Baby flavor and slices of Banana for that filling dessert! Cheat with a little blueberry syrup too!

The Pasta's!

The Pasta selections in Californiaberry spells a lot like comfort food. They serve it in a few minutes keeping it hot and fresh, truly meant for people on the go. If you are up for a quick lunch or a snack you can choose up to 4 variants which are in their store!

Think about that thick white sauce and pieces of juicy seafood items like shrimp and calamari rings. It's one of their best sellers!

This was the Spaghetti Bolognese which we ordered a few months ago, you should get one of these when you don't want an overload of cheese and stay purist with meat sauces!

The Cheesy Lasagna! Oooh I can't resist the cheese layers and meaty sauce of this one! You'll surely behave like Garfield with one bite of this favorite item on the menu!

(images courtesy of californiaberry.net)

For fruit juices, organic US Grade coffee and short order pastas, this is the place to be!

You'll get this and more on Californiaberry tubs!

Make sure you visit their stores nationwide!

In a nutshell, make sure you order the pasta's and Yogurt, I also love the Ice Ice Baby Taro flavor so if you are in the mood of comfort food that's healthy... visit Californiaberry okay?!


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lakas makagutom ng post na to kumagcow! nag crave ako bigla!

Roch said...

it was nice meeting you there!

KUMAGCOW said...

Yes! And also the Freeway event! :D