Electrolux Clothes and Hugs

Monday, October 03, 2011

As you already know, I've got a lot of causes to support and I feel that I'm barely scratching the surface. It's quite nice to see NGO's and private corporations helping out our less fortunate countrymen in times when they need it most. This time, it's Electrolux that wants to make a difference through their program called Clothes and Hugs.

Thousands of pre loved clothes already are being sent by people across the nation but if the entities that collect these receive it, they just give them to the affected families as is. Electrolux wants to get these items cleaned so they setup small kiosks and even got their huge trucks to travel across the country to wash em before they get to the beneficiaries. Electrolux being one of the largest manufacturers of washing machines and other home appliances in the country makes this as their contribution in helping the less fortunate before they receive the pre loved clothes. They take care of the logistics in washing them for beneficiaries of DZRH Operation Tulong this year together with other partner MBC radio stations.

Mr. Andy Vital accepting the ceremonial bundle of clothes in behalf of DZRH Operation Tulong and MBC.

They even got bloggers to join the cause making stories out of their shirts. This guy who won actually is going to get married the day after the event. He won a brand new Electrolux Washing Machine by just sharing a heartwarming story of his lucky shirt that got him his girlfriend and to a lot of contests he won. He felt it was time to actually have someone else to own it in the hopes of them getting the same luck he got from it too. It was a nice entry!

Congratulations for winning the My Tshirt Story and best wishes to your wedding!

It was all for a good cause. It was so nice for Electrolux to have thought about this to help those in need. It'll be a thing that most private corporations should do and emulate so they can contribute something to make this Philippines a lot better than when we found it. Congratulations on the huge success of your program and I wish for nothing but the success of it in the years to come!


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