Reproductive Health

Monday, October 03, 2011

Giving birth is such a joyous event. It takes months for a couple to prepare for this joyous occasion. They prepare for the baby shower, the first clothes he/she's going to wear, the car seat, the crib, the feeding bottles and everything else just to make this event great. You only want the best for your kid just like any parent would say. There's one thing though that crossed my mind while dreaming that bit; what about the health of the Mom? There are numerous things and complications that can happen to someone giving birth. Who's taking care of them? What are the things we do in order to get them come out of the hospital and keep them healthy? I don't want to scare you but I have seen a lot of vaginal mesh lawsuits out there that have made my worries and suspicions solid. What do we do if PROLAPSE happens? It's a really tough question to answer but we need to face the music and do everything we need to keep her safe.

People who encounter urinary tract infection, pain while making love and problems with the reproductive and excretory systems must act now so they get what they need. If there are some problems with implants they should immediately seek help of a doctor and consult a lawyer afterwards. Just like any medical procedure everything should be precise. If something goes wrong and the Mother suffers isn't it but right to be compensated? People should know that there are also some side effects. Women all over the world encounter this problem and they are not alone. The criminal justice system should work for them too. Justice delayed is justice denied and we all know that. I'm still for reproductive health and I will always exercise my freedom to choose.


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