The Plight of Health Professionals

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

There are thousands of health professionals in our country that go out and spend most of their career in the United Kingdom, EU, the Middle East, Asia Pacific or North American regions. The standards of our health workers are quite high and have been regarded as the best in the industry. The continued evolution of our educational system and health specific trainings are lagging behind more advanced countries. It's but right that we do something about it so we can still manage to attain the high standards the recipients need for their health care. What's great is that this is available in the UK and a medical management course is perfect for those who want to further advance their studies in this field. It's also one of the great things they can do while practicing their profession. They can do this on the side without sacrificing work related matters because they can get the courses that are apt for them. Doctors for example can get a medical teaching course in order to pursue doing this in universities. This would hasten them to have a career in educating future nurses, medical technologists, doctors or medical workers.

It's so nice to see that we are making a mark in the United Kingdom and nearby countries. I love it when most managers treat Filipino workers twice as efficient as their regular counterparts. Later on in their careers, they can probably just get a consultant interview course and have a managerial post rather than spend too much time in operations. It's like any job; it's giving them what they worked for. If they go back to the Philippines maybe they can teach the new generation of health workers and do the same thing. They learn now then impart what they have learned to generations of health professionals later on. If we get some teach the teacher course in the future we would make this noble task viable to anyone who wishes to be a doctor someday. Do you have relatives who work in the UK health industry? Did they get more courses when they arrived there? What made them different from other professionals who didn't study further? Let me know!


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