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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Yesterday was a great day for news, and news makers alike. ANC (The ABSCBN News Channel) has revamped and launched new shows for its offering this latter part of the year. We had the pleasure of meeting these esteemed broadcast journalists yesterday and boy I was star struck a plenty seeing those who I admire on TV and Radio. I'm a frustrated news anchor. It was a treat seeing them all in the flesh!

Mr. Boyet J. Sison ANC's host for Hardball and veteran Sportscaster introduced them all to media.

Mornings @ ANC

Ron Cruz, Ginger Conejero, Paolo Abrera and the newest addition to Mornings@ANC Ms. Pinky Webb!

For those who are religiously watching ANC, mornings just wouldn't be complete without Mornings@ANC. With the likes of the great Ron Cruz, the recently announced 8th Cutest Newsman Paolo Abrera, Star Newscaster Ginger Conejero with the latest addition of everybody's sweetheart Ms. Pinky Webb this program will prove to be more in depth in local and international news, sports, health, the latest trends and entertainment. She'll have more lee way in bringing the news this time and she's excited also about the banter portion where they could talk about anything under the sun! It's going to be one great show and more! They promise to keep you informed from 9'o clock onwards!

Dateline Philippines

Gigi Grande and TJ Manotoc brings you the news before it comes to primetime.

Chugging up your afternoon with breaking news stories this side of the world is Dateline Philippines. Ms. Gigi Grande and TJ Manotoc will bring you the best news without waiting for the evening newscast right in the comforts if your home. Ms. Grande covered the Australian - NZ region for a couple of years and have gone through the hardest beat of them all. She said the network journalists here are pampered and she had to do editing, covering, shooting the news herself. If that isn't preparation enough for this one, I don't know what will. TJ Manotoc on the other hand will bring you the best Sports and Technology coverages which he recognizes as his strengths. He assures everyone that they would be able to deliver first even before it reaches primetime news later in the evening. They will also have guests on the show live, straight from the horses mouth. They would be able to ask the personalities behind the story and get those facts straight. They'll be handling social media to bring interaction with Make sure you stay tuned to ANC afternoons and enjoy their bit!

Primetime on ANC

Primetime News would never be the same again with funny man slash veteran news anchor Tony Velasquez and blooming mother to be Ms. Karmina Constantino

I had tons of laugh when Mr. Tony Velasquez stepped in. His humor that afternoon was quite contagious. It was like political satire meets serious news. Though this one is surely going to be a VERY serious program in prime time ANC. Ms. Karmina Constantino fresh from covering news in North America will be trying steadfastly not to laugh and bring you the news straight and fresh from the news room of ABS CBN. Aside from the day's top stories they will also touch with headlines from international news agencies. They will also tackle the best news that the ABSCBN bureaus gathered from Europe, ANZ, North America and elsewhere around the world. Think about the combined experience of Tony and Karmina and you'll surely be mesmerized about what they both can bring to the table. From successful advocacy reports, to magazine style programs... they would only be getting you a mix of what interests you and me; the Filipino viewer. Watch them on prime time come next week.


Ms. Ces Drilon proud to be back making stories for real PIPOL

The one and only Ces Drilon top bills this legendary show. If you didn't know PIPOL, you must have been living under a rock in the late 90's and early 2000's. It's that show that talks about 3 or more individuals and their life stories. It has been the benchmark for most stand uppers even then. Today. they will be featuring one person a week and talk about his journey in 30 minutes. Asking hard hitting questions and taking out the best out of these subjects which Ms. Ces Drilon has been known for. In the span of years she has been with the industry, this comeback will surely be the talk of the town. This will make each week a must see show as they go through the lives of the great people. It could be you or me. PIPOL will always be making you think about the subjects in a different light. It's interesting; surely this will be a learning experience too. Don't miss every episode on ANC Mondays at 9:30PM. She was so nice in person, it was a pleasure meeting her!


One name... Teodoro "Teddyboy" Locsin Jr. He's that guy you wish you'd become when writing or sarcasm comes to mind. He is a master, I am but a Jedi... and so are other veteran journalists today. I couldn't fathom how smart he is, nor could I contain how great he is in a nutshell. He's evil but one good man too; and I hope you get that. He'll be doing Teditorial which is just a two minute commentary segment on different ANC news programs. He'll give you his views on the greatest news stories and leave you in a "thinking" coma later on. He's one of the greatest this country has ever seen. I'm not joking.

The ABSCBN News Channel has brought you the best... and now this will be a completely revamped lineup of shows for you and me to enjoy. Now is the time for you to see why they are the number one news channel in the Philippines. That ain't bad for 15 years eh?! :)

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