Spoil Your Sole In Rio De Janeiro!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Girls these days spoil their feet. It could be a foot spa, a nail salon, or that favorite pair of shoes. In a tropical country such as ours, it became a deal breaker for almost anyone to wear flip flops. You can see them in malls, beaches... almost anywhere for that matter. I like my ladies doing this as well... they become presentable even if its a simple day out just walking. With the right tee or short shorts, bam! That just spells comfort and easiness.

Did you guys know that these awesome flip flops can get you to Rio De Janeiro?!

LinkImagine swaying your hips to the samba beat that would last hours, no.. even DAYS actually. Men and women who love IPANEMA Slippers will surely have one heck of a holiday! You will get to experience the world famous Carnival and the gorgeous men and women of Brazil. How? Well, let me take you to how you can get your foot a little spoiled courtesy of IPANEMA!

1. Grab your favorite pair of Ipanema slippers from any participating store nationwide.
2. Get the promo code to be given upon purchase.
3. Like the Ipanema Philippines Facebook Fan Page to see the Spoil Your Sole in Rio Application. Click ‘Submit Entries’ and complete the information needed for your raffle entry.
4. Get more raffle entries by buying more Ipanema pairs for more chances of winning the Rio Carnival experience.

You and a friend will spend seven days and six nights like VIP's then enjoy tours to the tourist attractions like Sugar Loaf Mountain, Corocovado and Petropolis. Winner will be provided official Carnival tickets will so you can participate in the celebration right in the heart of Rio De Janeiro! Don't worry about language barriers because you will have an English speaking tour guide and personal limousine service. You would be able to shop with the US $1,000.00 (US $500.00 per person) pocket money too!

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