BUDOY: Starts October 10 On ABSCBN!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Do you know someone who have difficulty learning? Do you know how it feels to be called a special child or mentally challenged? It is so hard to think about it, but what if you actually had a son who's going through this? How are you going to handle it? Would you go leaps and bounds just to protect your name? Would you lie to people? Would you lie to your better half? Those are the questions the this new Advocacyserye wants to answer... The first of its kind in Philippine television. BUDOY will be shown on Monday, October 10 after the phenomenal 100days to Heaven.

We got first dibs of the first five episodes during the private screening. Hope you enjoy these photos!

PBB Teen Housemate no more Fred Payawan. It was my first time to meet him, still good looking eh?! Looks like the guys are supporting Budoy star Gerald Anderson... I wouldn't be surprised if he played a role somewhere in the series, though I heard from the grapevine he's in TV5. If the role calls for it why not?!

Another Teen no more housemate Matt Evans strutting the red carpet with this young actress also from ABSCBN, dating or are they together? My guess is as good as yours! :D

Angeline Quinto sang the theme for BUDOY live during the private screening. She definitely has every right to be called the theme song queen for every series in television. She had sent chills to the spine of everyone who came that evening.

Jessie Mendiola came in with this Turquoise Long Gown number. It was popping up her complexion, quite adorable. She will play Jackie, a childhood sweetheart that will turn to be BUDOY's love interest in this series.

Here he is! Scruffy looking but still very good looking. Gerald Anderson came in with his Mom and Dad during this private screening. In the interviews they were so proud of him. This was the first sighting of Gerald that evening. He went through the red carpet like a breeze. I like his coat too, it's light and it's none of those formal ones.

Making a HUGE comeback and definitely a stunner in this series is Ms. Janice De Belen and Tirso Cruz III. I kinda thought about how Tirso Cruz was in the past is probably the same with Gerald now. He's got a lot of supporters who love him for sure!

The legendary Ms. Barbara Perez and the matriarch of the Ranillo siblings Ms. Gloria Sevilla is also part of the cast. The former being the tough and evil Mom of Mr. Tirso Cruz III named Dr. Alberta Maniego and the latter played a friend of Budoy, Lola sumthing I forgot sorry :). Watch out for that kid snatcher, you'll be laughing in the first few episodes.

The cast getting ready to watch the series. A couple of stars were also there showing support for Gerald and the cast. I saw Pokwang, Pen Medina and a lot more. It was a power cast performance all the way. Imagine rows of people actually crying and laughing at different times while the program was shown. It's a definite tear jerker and a comic relief in different days. Make sure you watch everyday because if you miss one day, the turn of events would be too fast for you and the story. Reserve your Monday evenings for the beginning of this great Advocacyserye. Watch out for the great dramatic performances from Janice De Belen and Ms. ZsaZsa Padilla, pay attention to the dialogue and you will surely cry. Their breakdown scenes were really moving.
Here are more shots from that evening!

Make sure you don't miss the twists in this story courtesy of Ms. Mylene Dizon and Ms. Zsazsa Padilla.

Here's a clip from the press conference! Enjoy!

Make sure you watch BUDOY on October 10, 2011. That's this Monday after 100 days to Heaven. This will be surely a hit! Congratulations on this project and to the directors too. Let's watch this one Kapamilya on Primetime Bida!


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