RCBC BANKARD Megabrands Sale!

Monday, October 03, 2011

I haven't shopped for quite a while now and it was hey time I break that habit. Going to the RCBC Megabrands sale last Friday was like therapy for me. It was nice to see a lot of items sold in bargains. I found a lot of things there that might interest you to await the next one when RCBC Bankard does this again. This will definitely get you in the mood.

This airy Glagla shoes were a steal at 1,000 pesos. It's light and can be worn even without socks because it is breathable.

Some of the famous brands of perfume were even sold at 200 pesos. You need to buy in bulk though, so if you are stocking up on your favorite one this would be one of the things I'd hoard.

Saw some brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Grosby (remember the 80's hehe) and sold these items for over 50-70% off the original price. You can pay with your favorite Bankard credit cards too.

I found some toys that I could give my little nieces and nephews come Christmas time. I wanted to go shopping but I didn't get a list for them yet. Hope there's one more of these soon.

Since we live in the tropics, this would be another gift idea for aunt's, moms or friends who dig wearing hats. Cool thing is that they have this on 50% off.

Here's a cool thing that we found while walking around!

They put some corn like grain on this contraption

Then they press it for a couple of seconds using this machine manually.

When the timer is up, it buzzes! Then...

POOF! It became KOKO Crunch! LOL nah, this comes in Shrimp and Fish flavors. I must say I bought two of these packets that come in threes. Each one costs only 50 pesos! And it's really freshly cooked!

It's really good! Mmmm...

We found this store that had a lot of knick knacks on them, from salt and pepper shakers, toys, collectibles that ships free anywhere in the Philippines. They are called Posh Living. You can find them on Multiply too.

I plan to buy this for Christmas as a giveaway for my website. What do you think?! Cute eh?! =) Found it there!

They've also got these small items you can purchase for a couple of pesos. Three for one hundred actually and you can mix and match them with some of the other items in the store. I love this one too. They are Angry Birds Water bottles. Neat eh?!

Large ticket items like these sound system units from Philips were there too. I should have bought one for Dad coz these were sold with a huge discount. Almost half the price I think in regular stores.

One of the nicest things I found there were these shoes. They come in a couple of colors. I'd like to have these. I think they've got an online store too that sells these. Just look for the brand.

Overall, I did a pretty good job looking for the stuff that I needed to buy my friends for Christmas. Thanks to Bankard I got these famous brands all in one place. Make sure you go to the next one soon! I'd really love to get hooked up with RCBC Bankard on these and future events. You should get one now! Capisce?!


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