Red Box Helps Filipino Music Industry

Friday, October 07, 2011

Lets face it, the music industry is losing millions if not billions from piracy. Musicians, composers, singers and producers have experienced job losses and unpaid royalties from labels because they do not get whats due for them. People don't know how big its impact is unless they are the ones affected and that is whats keeping this practice alive. This is what FILSCAP has been trying to steadfastly battle since its conception.

Today, a lot of music establishments are helping out and one of them is REDBOX. Yes, you heard it... Red Box isn't just an ordinary establishment, they believe in the Filipino talent and doing business right. Did you know they actually pay royalties for OPM tracks they have on their song lists? Yes, they do! Other establishments dont even think about that. They mainly rely on only getting Korean or China made chips that never pays a single centavo for the Filipino composer or artist. It surely kills the industry, and Red Box fights alongside FILSCAP in this war. Mr. Walden Chu, Managing Director of Red Box shared this with us during an appearance with the one and only Noel Cabangon, one of the most admired artists/composer in the Philippines.
Together Red Box and FILSCAP will make a difference.

Red Box Rock Dine and Roll
In an era where karaoke and videoke shops just have proliferated everywhere, Red Box puts itself in a class of its own. With posh interiors, spacious party rooms and indoor sports equipment they make sure that every time you come to their establishment with friends and family, it'll be an experience you'll never forget.

When you are not busy singing, try out their billiard tables inside the room. They've got the beat. They've got the activities you can indulge on for hours of fun!

Bringing your friends along and experiencing how to rock dine and roll. It was the perfect thing we did a couple of months ago in their Eastwood branch. There are more branches near you, just look for the Red Box logo.

For more information on their packages, visit their Facebook page!


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