ASWANG: Up Close and Personal with Paulo Avelino

Saturday, October 29, 2011

We're used to big personalities but this one was off putting. He's the apple of the eye of thousands of men and women who watch Philippine TV or movies. I wanted to make it a little personal this time. I found someone so good when I got to talk to Paulo Avelino; and found the reasons why people like him.

Paulo Avelino has transcended genres and those teenage teeny bopper years since his days with Starstruck. Born to his Filipina Mom Jennylyn Lingbanan Avelino and a half Spanish father Roberto Puigcerver Avelino; Paulo has inherited quite a handful of the good traits of his race. He is also the third out of four siblings. This mestizo, good looking stunner from Calbayog, Samar has a body that most men would envy and women absolutely adore or drool over plus quite an impressive personality to boot. He's soft spoken and very intelligent and I'm afraid I have to say that I'm a fan now.

Paulo actually knows he is very famous. That realization doesn't actually make him think about putting it on his head or anything like that. When I was with him, I felt he was GENIUINELY nice. I felt no air whatsoever that could make a rift out of the interview. As nervous as I was, I kinda felt at ease when he spoke. It's like getting to know a friend and a very smart one at that. He's like the perfect husband any girl would want to have and meet their parents (right LJ?! =) ).

He's actually now a KAPAMILYA and he has seen admirable improvement about the breaks he's having. He's actually got a couple of projects with the network and some more films with Regal soon. ABSCBN will be showing some of them this Christmas season, you should watch out for that... plus a huge series also next year with legendary stars on the list. He's excited for that!

I'd like to take this bit to thank Paulo for taking time to sit down and have a small chat. Hope to see you someday soon. A shoot perhaps? LOL. He did it for you guys! My beloved readers :)

I was also there to interview him for his latest film called ASWANG together with his co stars, it was a delight to see them all in a different light. It was in a mall show right in the smack of Robinsons Pioneer. I didn't understand why stars usually do this. I thought it was just for publicity... but really it made sense to me when I went to this one yesterday.

Lovi Poe =) I love her too!

I understood something why they actually do this Re: mall shows. Aside from the fact that they are being hounded by throngs of people, they are in a way paying back. Their fame after all had something to do with these folks who show support and adore them. They are the reason they make films.

Here are more shots from the event!

Spotted! Ms. Precious Lara San Agustin Quigaman, she was so beautiful in person. =)

This film will be shown on cinemas come November 2; but they've got a premier night in October 30 SM Megamall so make sure you watch that!

The awesomely cute and cool Alan Benedict "Albie" Lee Casiño. He was very handsome if I may say so. You should take a peek at his formspring account which I actually do :)

Lovi Poe was so nice... she took time to engage the fans that evening.

The statuesque Ms. Nina Jose.
You'll fear her shooting people randomly in the film!

Gorgeous Lovi Poe

Paulo Avelino doing the games with fans =)

Joem Bascon was VERY game!

Albie had fun too!

My first time to meet Marc Abaya, I adore your songs too!

The guys inviting fans to come and watch the film.

Fans lining up to get a glimpse of the stars and get autographs too!

Paulo Avelino and Lovi Poe really love their fans, they took the time to spend a couple of minutes with them after the event. As I said, he is genuinely so nice!

Watch ASWANG showing on theaters November 2!

This film is by renowned film Director Jerrold Tarog under Regal Films. I had the chance to watch the movie through the advanced screening, you should head to theaters and watch this one soon. The story had some similarities to the original ASWANG movie by Ms. Alma Moreno but a very modern twist to it. It' have you on the edge of your seats at times. Joem Bascon in particular had a remarkable performance in this movie. So does Marc Abaya, they should really be nominated for their roles on this movie. I wanted to get you educated about what the monsters were called in this horror flick but I'd rather have you watch it instead. Capisce? So make sure you growl and slash into theaters come November 2. This was supposed to be 3D so imagine how good it'll be!

Congratulations to everyone in the cast! If you don't watch ASWANG... they will come to your house personally and BITE YOU! =) You won't look at the ground or see birds the same way again after seeing this movie! Remember that I said that! =)


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Micamyx said...

I agree with you. Paulo is an intelligent actor and you can really see na he's doing this not just because of the sake of fame, but he wants to improve in his craft. Finally his hardwork and patience paid off! Sana talaga maging successful ang Aswang and his upcoming projects <3