Tried and Tested: Nivea Silver Protect!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guys, have you experienced those days where you feel fresh and clean when you go out but feel so haggard when you get to the office? How about when you've got that important date but couldn't fathom why your underarms feel like its flowing like a waterfall, that it literally wets your perfect shirt? Bummer eh? It's called "baskil" (from the term "basa ang kili2x LOL) in layman's language in our side of the world. It's embarrassing, it's humiliating, I can't even tell you how disheartening it is to be in that situation, not to mention AWKWARD.

Nivea actually knows how you feel and what better way to resolve this than with anti bacterial protection that only NIVEA Silver Protect can do. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this pressured bottle or roll on thingamajig actually contains silver ions. It's something that will protect you from bacterial growth in all the right places, best of all it's soothing for the skin. After all, the one that's under there is highly sensitive and you have to take care of it otherwise you'll be the laughing stock of your co dudes and bros. Isn't it obvious?! You have to smell good for women too!

It actually promises 48 hour protection and I must say that I have tried it myself. The scent is more on the musky side for the aerosol version. The roll on actually is more on the light perfumey side. I feel though that the aerosol is better. Men want that scent and women would actually appreciate that. Men should smell "Manly" above anything else. The roll on version doesn't disappoint in that area either, though lighter in fragrance the effects and overall convenience of wearing it that way pays for it. I love both don't get me wrong but I find the aerosol better and more convenient. Plus, they have in in bullet-metal looking canisters which looks cool in my books! =)

There's also a Nivea For Men Silver Protect Challenge for those of you would like to try it on Facebook. You can CLICK HERE to access that application. There's a lot of prizes to be given away including 3 X 10,000 pesos cash plus a lot of gift packs courtesy of Nivea Silver Protect. We were even there to try out for ourselves what Nivea Silver Protect can do on these situations.

Imagine the heat, the adrenaline rush and the smell we'll get while doing this very physical activity. We perspired a lot to say the least and it was nice that Nivea was there to protect us from body odor or growing bacteria. We still smelled nice after 2 rounds of shooting people with laser guns inside this place. It was fun fun fun and we didn't have to worry about ourselves because Nivea's there to make sure we still smell as fresh as we went out of the shower!

They explained to us the benefits of using Silver Ions together with the deodorant and why it's the best for men like us! Hey! I was 4th out of 25 people in scores, not bad eh?! =) So what are you waiting for, hurry and use the app, get the canisters and roll on's then get those ladies! Nivea Silver Protect is surely what Men want!... and what I WANT too!

So guys, make sure you get the Nivea Silver Protect... I prefer the ones in the canister, I like how it smells and keeps me fresh all day. You won't be disappointed when you get it on stores nationwide! =)


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