The Marriott Cafe Manila Experience

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Posh, huge and divine... those are some of the few words I uttered upon entering this great place called Marriott Cafe. It's inside the Marriott Hotel-Manila in front of the NAIA Terminal 3 and within Resorts World Manila grounds. It's cozy and festive, you've got choices for seating and they have certain areas where acoustics are so nice... best of all they think about you!

They've got this huge buffet arranged for both the clients of the hotel and the public. We got first dibs on them too! Let's get right into business... Check these out!

I am not complaining. Being greeted by this huge rack and array of cakes and dessert items isn't that bad at all. It is not for the faint of heart. These things are made by world class Chef's from Marriott Hotel and sure enough I tried my best to taste every item on this facade. Thinking that I could finish it all in a few minutes... I failed miserably but it was the greatest failure I've ever done in the sport of eating. I tasted it all and sure enough my favorites that had hazel nut and chocolate was outstanding! I love the mousse and cream puffs too.

True enough, seeing cream cheese and cream puff custard was a little sinful. I had a hard time choosing my favorites so I went in and tried them all. Those small jiggers aren't there for drinks, they are actually filled with triple chocolate mousse. Think about sweet chocolate x three and they'll be the equivalent of that. Guys and gals, please try and get something to wipe your mouth while viewing the photos LOL.

Cakes, small pies, tarts... name it, they have it! Make sure you also try and get those tiramisu slices because they run out of that easily. It's one of the nicest dessert spreads I've seen. Hehe, I just showed you my plate LOL! Oh did I forget that you can get Ice Cream choices too?! They also have sorbet's for the health conscious ones!

These things usually cost quite a fortune in specialty bakeshops. They don't actually have to be expensive just to be of this quality and Marriott Hotel makes sure you get what you want all in with the price you pay for in the buffet. How much?! That's a surprise! I'll tell you in a bit!

The bread choices were apt but I so LOVE the Cheese they have on the table! Local Bleu cheese, Cheddar plus those things you see in cartoons that have holes on them LOL. I ransacked them for the love of something creamy. The bread was also good, I bet they baked them the night before because it was good and fresh! Mmm!

The Salads... oohhh just don't get me started. They dedicated a whole island just for the greens and quite a number of dressings. It was heaven on earth for veggie lovers like you and me. The layout is quite nice too. Imagine a 2.5-3 meter table dedicated just for that. Everything's fresh and crunchy. I love it!

The fruit selection was awesome. Tropical and fresh of course! Local produce ain't gonna be beaten by the imported ones although they have that too. It's yummy in all the right places. :)

Chef Marian Reyes, Chef De Partie of Marriott Cafe even gave us a show in the hot kitchen and made us Chili-Pepper Corn Lobster and Mongolian Fried Rice!

Now isn't that nice?! :D Thanks Chef!

And it doesn't end there...

The Marriott Cafe's Great Seafood Selection!

Crabs! Crabs! Crabs!

Mussels, Mussels, Mussels... LOL

Steam up these crabs, a little salt and lemon juice and BAM!
That would be perfect!

Or maybe turn those favorite seafood items into fresh Japanese delights!

Or maybe you want something Filipino, they can make that too!

Or maybe Italian?

or go French?!

Or indulge in a full Asian menu!

Dimsum! Get the veggie dumpling and the sweet and sour pork! I love em!

I love the Siopao and steamed fish too!

Roasted pork, chicken in soy, steamed white version of it... it was like Singapore all over again!

Roasted Duck, again... not for the faint of heart! It was nice to fold it up with hoisin sauce! Mmmmm!

If you want something different, go to the Middle Eastern area. They've got Indian too! I love the small breads they bake at the tandoori oven. The spices used are uncommon, if you're up for an adventure eat em up here!

The Restaurant Interiors

The overall vibe of the Cafe seems to be in the more modern neo-60's vibe. It's like modern vintage to put it in a nutshell.

They played with texture and color on the wall. The seats were comfortable and it reminded me of the 60's era. The use of wood also kinda is on the Asian side.

Those are actually BEADS inside the containers on the wall. I love how they fared away from the usual blank wall and portraits on it. In color choices, I would've made something different but this is a CONVERSATION piece. See? I even talked about it too much LOL.

That's the island I was referring a while ago for the salads. Nice eh?!

It was late morning so we kinda had the place to ourselves before some of the hotel guests woke up.

The acoustics here was kind of medium since it was close to where the action is. The wall you see here actually changes color. I think they did that to coincide with the wall. Told you it was the 60's right?! But a little new. I like the lighting fixtures though. Specifically the ones inside the secluded rooms.

If you want something private, they've got these areas that have a better view outside and it's the best side to talk with your loved ones. It's something intimate and you better have this reserved, it'll be easier if you are just a small group. Overall, it's one helluvah great restaurant to celebrate whatever, whenever!

I have nothing but awesome words about their buffet! I had a hard time walking after that seriously. I suggest you go to this establishment when you are VERY hungry. It doesn't cost a lot because you can actually get this at 50% OFF the regular price! You won't get anything of this quality under a thousand pesos in this part of the world, it only costs 875 Philippine Pesos. This is a definite STEAL for a Lunch Buffet! Plus they'll get you free flowing ICED TEA too!

It's one way of saying THANK YOU to everyone who has been supporting Marriott Hotel Manila and Marriot Cafe all these years. So if you are in the area make sure you give them a call and reserve for it. Bring your Mom, Dad, siblings, or friends along for the fun! Or you can simply walk in on Mondays-Saturdays until October 31, 2011. Don't just stare at the screen, call em now!

Staying at the Marriott Hotel Manila

For those who want to make their lunch experience extra enjoyable, why not do a staycation in Marriott Hotel Manila?! I mean, really, why not?

The Bed is quite nice, large and comfy!

They've got a lounge area, you can receive people here.

You can entertain yourself and keep your kids busy!

For some naughty time, you can have this room with the bath tub seeing through the bedroom hehe :)

Here's a better view!

For business travelers, you have this and Internet facilities. Sorry bout the camera bag, I forgot to take it out =)

So are you just going to stand there and read my article? I've got a better idea... Go and call them now! Or better yet, reserve a room and make that occasion extra special!


Here's their information!

Marriott Cafe
No.10 Newport Boulevard
Newport City Complex
Pasay City, Philippines 1309
Phone: (632) 9889990
Fax: (632) 9889946

Or Visit their Website!

Like them on Facebook!



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