Get Ready For #SmartVideoPrime

Sunday, June 11, 2017

I have always subscribed to iFlix for the best shows, anime series, KDrama and movies that I could love all over again. I also have watched the latest Kapamilya shows on iWantTV and do it while on transit from one event to the other. I can't miss it because I have to see what's happening in local shows and I love the international movies they have lined up in iFlix (fine I think I said that a lot of times already). I know some of you though have problems saving a buck or two because as you know, streaming videos would make your few Gigabytes be like water, and if you don't have that much to begin with, Smart Communications would want to solve that problem.

If you and I pay for subscription to iFlix and iWantTV, that's always a separate bill right? Smart knows that and they want you to save MORE as you Live More with their services. How? It's with this new thing they call #SmartVideoPrime. In this promo, you can get subscriptions and access to iFlix and iWantTV plus the needed data for streaming. 

If you text the keyword VIDEO99 to 9999, that means you'll get the subscription for iFlix and iWantTV plus 2 GB of data which is valid for 7 days. If you want a bigger deal, just text VIDEO299 to 9999 and you'll get the same subscriptions, but 5GB's of data for streaming valid for 15 days. Now imagine the things you could save off of this promo because in hindsight, the iFlix and iWantTV subscriptions are already in that price point individually. You're basically getting the other things for FREE and you don't even know it LOL.

Are you ready for #SmartVideoPrime? Visit for more details!


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