Is the Vivo V5s Better Than The Oppo F3 Plus?

Sunday, June 04, 2017

That seems to be the question that was commonly thrown at me by my friends through social media. Which phone is better? I guess it's just fair to put them side by side, not for me to endorse anything but for you to at least make a better decision. But really, is the Vivo V5s better than the Oppo F3 Plus?

The Camera. You can say all you want about how good that is but if you don't have the size of the image even close then it's not a contest. The Vivo V5s has a 20 Megapixel front cam and F2.0 apeture so you get the light that you need even if it's on lowlight conditions. It's going to be less grainy, better looking if you compare it side by side. The Oppo F3 Plus only has 16 Megapixels.

The Selfie Softlight. Good photos need good lighting, but none of thise harsh ones that's going to make you look like a deer in headlights. It's supposed to be natural looking, even at night. Does Oppo do better? I don't know.

The Face Beauty. Vivo V5s has got Face Beauty 6.0 whilst the Oppo F3 Plus uses Face Beauty 4.0. The first has got new buffing, whitening and enhancing functions versus the latter. 

The Group Selfie feature. It's not even one function that is available in the other phones. Imagine taking photos with your friends easier, take it with ease just by swerving instead of getting a not so convenient selfie stick which looks cheap by any standard. Isn't that neat?

It can do App Cloning. Imagine how convenient it is for not having to have another phone to use for your other social media accounts because you have them all in one unit. Just login with the different account and you're good.

At almost the same price point, Vivo V5s gives you more functionalities and features. If it's better than the Oppo F3 Plus, you be the judge. If you want to know more go visit or their IG and Twitter accounts @vivophil and they have more of these phones in their arsenal so if you don't like this one, they have a few more in their line that you could be interested in. 

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