Kim Domingo Bares All on State of Undress

Friday, June 30, 2017

We spent a really great afternoon at Puradak Chicken restaurant in Timog Avenue earlier to meet the lovely, sexy, FHM Top 2 sexiest woman in the Philippines Kim Domingo. She currently stars in GMA hit show D'Originals (shown everyday) and and gag show Bubble Gang on Fridays plus some other shows she guests in between.

Mark Sablan head of GMA Artist Center says "Being number 2 on FHM's list and having this new book from Summit makes us very proud, very happy and this is just the start. There will be a lot more things lined up for Kim Domingo and you should definitely watch out for her new show, with an ensemble cast for primetime. After seeing how she was recently accepted in Malaysia by celebrities from other countries a couple of weeks back, we dubbed her now as the real deal "Pantasya ng Asya"."

We asked Kim Domingo about D'Originals and she says "I have mixed emotions - and very sad - but thankful because we were extended for 12 weeks. It came where we are still high in the ratings, and it's okay to end something good at that point. About FHM, I had been number 9 in the past, but being number 2 is not bad at all. All the girls in the top list are all deserving. That includes Liza and Ms. Marian, that's my opinion as I find them really sexy and beautiful."

"For this project (talking about State of Undress), we had three photographers do the execution of our concepts. From sexy, classy and innocent. It's like a journal too from when I was a kid and how I achieved all the things I was dreaming of today. Almost all the shots were done in one location. I had EJ Leung, Paolo Pineda and Shaira Luna do the photography. I had lots of bashers but I don't mind them, I even reply jokingly on instagram and I am thankful for those who support me. I feel I always start from scratch if I stopped working, so I do continue to do so. I love Zayn Malik, he's my ultimate crush."

"After D'Originals I'll have The Good Teacher with Ms. Marian Rivera and the stort is going to be tragic. This is going to be magical. My book is only 250 pesos and we are planning tons of book signing, the nearest one is in Glorietta 1. I used to skip meals in the past, even get indecent proposals and I don't even bother to look at them. Even if I don't show skin or whatever beauty you posess, if you feel sexy you ARE sexy. To tell you the truth, I got hurt the most being called dumb and I don't have brains. But I cherish all those who comment that don't judge me even if they don't know me that much. I learned early on to be confident, to present myself nicely and I do plan to put this off later on. People were egging me to join beauty contests in the past but I didn't really want to. I really love to sing and perhaps develop that, and pursue it in the near future.

"My dream role is to be something like Princess Sarah, be beaten up, a role like that would be so challenging. I haven't really thought about what to wear in the FHM party, we are not sure yet. I did a Twerk it Like mikey video (when she was starting) and I didn't know it would blow up like that - then I got messages from people of Bubble Gang (Roadfill) which started my stint with the network. I want someone who's a gentleman, take me to Paris for a date because I really find that romantic. I don't want to hurry but if I were asked I'd be happy to get married when I'm around 28-30 years old as I'd still want to have kids."

Again if you want to see more of Kim Domingo, check out her coffee table mag/photo book entitled Kim Domingo: State of Undress available in leading mag stands and book stores nationwide! You'll know more about the "Pantasya ng Asya" (The Fantasy of Asia) if you get it! 

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