Young Celebs Confess Love for Vivo V5s

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Everybody wants to look good on photos right? If you're on vacation, at home, or just hanging out with your best buddies, you can't just put out shots on social media and stay mediocre for the world to see. You have to make an effort to at least get yourself seen in a good light, exposing your best assets and look your best in every shot. This has been where the newest flagship phone of Vivo comes in, the Vivo V5s. In their social network channels, they proudly show their ware and stated why they love the latest Vivo model and how they intend to use it. To let you know why they fell in love with the phone too.

McCoy De Leon wants all his friends by his side. He's always in gigs with the hashtags, out with his friends and even his fans. However, he doesn't want them to be left behind if they are doing a group photo as he feels that won't be fun. That's exactly why he loves taking group shots via the Panorama Panning effects of the Vivo V5s, even if he's with a big group, it won't be a problem at all because you can just swivel away and take the shot!

Popular fashion blogger Verniece Enciso on the other hand praises the phone because she doesn't even have to carry as selfie stick anymore, which is bulky and troublesome to set up. Now all she needs to do is gather her family and friends to make more memories. It's also great for the events she goes to because the phone can take great group shots anytime, anywhere!

Tony Labrusca of BoybandPH fame loves the Vivo V5s with it's 20 Megapixel front camera. It's crystal clear, no need to sharpen photos with other apps as it is very detailed already. Selfies are really good.

Andrea Brillantes lauds the device's updated Selfie Softlight. It's going to make her more dreamy, not harsh like a deer in headlights. Even if she's about to sleep, she can still take shots in dimly lit places, which she does quite often on her Instagram account. Yes, she takes selfies even at pitch dark nights!

Sue Ramirez who just ended her I Can Do That stint praises the Vivo V5s Beauty Mode. She was happy that even the small imperfections got eliminated by the phone's feature. She's not afraid to take shots even if she's not with make up. Just wake up, washed her face in the morning and woke up late, still looking fresh because of the Vivo V5s Beauty Mode 6.0, how can anyone not like her?

If you want to know more about the phone they love, just like their page or follow their Twitter and IG account @vivophil for more stuff on Vivo's line!

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