Love for #SmartBritneySpears in Manila

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Had a super awesome time at Mall of Asia Arena as Smart Communications got the one and only princess of pop Britney Spears to the Philippines in the flesh! Her music definitely brings back memories of the 90's and I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a fan. I've been thinking about what the whole concert was for and why people still filled a 10,000+ arena without any seat left unoccupied. Why do people still love her? 

Britney represented a generation of people that not only loved a blonde all american girl, but one that promotes feel good music no matter what challenges she faced. She might be shiny and all but if you think about it, she went through a phase of depression, separation, breakups, love, repeat, which makes her all the more human like you and me. Her music still makes you feel good that no matter how f'd up it may seem, it will all be better because there is always HOPE, there is always LOVE. So sorry for being a little mushy but it is the only concert where I've seen the audience sing (literally everybody) with passion and make their own afterparty instantaneously like that. That stems from love, which constitutes that Britney Spears magic she bears... which almost any quintissential Filipino is a part of, and can relate to. For those who missed the concert...

Britney Spears is just like you and me, her music will live for generations to come. Thanks to #SmartMusic for letting us experience another great concert from another world class performer. I am sure there will be more! 

Thanks also to SMART BRO for getting us connected so we could post updates while in the venue. Make sure you also get connected while in any concert place by using SmartBro's SURFMAX250. Just send the keyword SURFMAX250 to 2200. Thank you Smart for doing #SmartBritneySpears #LikeNoOther.

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