BUM Back To School 2017 Part 2

Monday, June 05, 2017

Okay guys, I wanted to post this last Saturday but I figured what better day to actually let you see the photos but on a Monday. I wanted to make it like the best way to start your week, right?

The sweetness I've seen on the photoshoot really did translate in photos but really, these teens were all so professional so they had to finish the photos first, even when they were clowning around in between setups. I guess they have grown VERY close already because going to a BUM Photoshoot as Nash Aguas says is not a chore at all. It's something that they always look forward to because even if they are from different networks, they go here as BUM endorsers and friends too.

It was SUPER hot that day, so Miguel and Bianca got to the photoshoot armed with a drink and a portable electric fan so they don't get dehydrated. Of course, these two are always sweet... case in point...

Bianca even did this. Oh my! :)

Then it was time to go to work again. Oh by the way, they are both doing Mulawin VS Ravena so if you haven't watched the episodes yet, please do. You don't want to miss their love story :)

Bianca is so beautiful, Miguel is so good looking :) I'm sure you've all said that :)

This was the part where I did the interview with Alexa Ilacad. I had to do it in between takes so it was like I'm recording for 5 minutes, then I had to stop, then record again after their shots. I was like a candle melting LOL

Alexa likes these dresses, it's got cutouts on the sides which means it's designed well for the hot weather.

So how do you think this shoot is progressing? They look lovely no?

Then for the finale, they had to do some group shots for the billboards that you are going to see in Manila's Morayta area and of course the one in EDSA.

Of course there are moments.... LOL

As you can see, BUM Back To School 2017 looks super cool. It'll be a little rainy these coming months so make sure you have hoodies, new shirts and new dresses that would fit the weather. Not much color, but hues of blue, gray, blacks and whites. It actually does good if you're wearing cold tones in this kind of weather. The material is not so warm, it's just right so you don't get to perspire too much since we still live in a tropical country. It's not that expensive too so if you have a little saved, just go buy shirts, or ask your Mom and Dad to get you some jeans that these guys have worn during the shoot. Oh and before I do end this post, here's the interview I did with Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix, enjoy!

Did you see that? I caught it on camera :)

They surely love you as much as you love them. Remember that! :)

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