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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This is a funny story, let me tell you how it started.

I was just covering the ASEAN Food Festival off of the new Vertis North grounds wherein the new Ayala Mall will stand. I made a comment about one of the vendors (Seda Hotel) and how it was a little out of the box for a Japanese chain to serve something that close to home. My mistake. I thought SEDA was a Japanese chain (judging from their previous properties that followed a very minimalist design) as I have observed it in their BGC branch - which I kinda frequented because of events there.

I mean, I could have picked up that this was Filipino judging from the name alone, which means "silk" in our language. So after someone read my article a few weeks ago, they got in touch with me by finding my contact details here on my website. Funny I had the feeling I was being called into the Principals office because of the wrong notions I had about the hotel, but not really. I met some really great people and they gladly answered my questions complete with a tour of the property. I haven't really seen any reviews yet of the place so in a nutshell, this was like first dibs to see what's about to be dubbed as the first 5 star hotel in Quezon City. So shall we?

Checking In

If you haven't been to SEDA Hotel Vertis North, you'll appreciate the check-in counter right off the bat. It's very spacious and you'll be greeted by modern art right at the back of the pedestal. If you look closely, that signature on the artwork is a giveaway. It's an Ayala artwork which he leaves as a mark in every property. I like how it blends into the space, albeit being modern, monochrome-earth toned, industrial and engulfed in fine lines. This was when it was explained to me, SEDA is actually a Filipino concept, a Filipino hotel, wholly owned and operated by Filipinos (with the exception of the fine GM whom I met a little later). This is under Ayala Land Hotels and Resorts Corporation who's got about a hundred years of experience in the real estate industry - you know them I'm sure right?

More space to work, good news for business travelers or if you're going to a conference or event in this place because they've got ample wifi. Who doesn't love that?

The lobby area is a legitimate work area. They've got Mac computers which you can use connected to the internet laid all over salvaged hardwood tables and high chairs so you could work comfortably if you have your own laptop. There are also other areas in the lobby which you'll love, but we'll get to that later. In the meantime, let's go up the rooms.

The Deluxe Twin

This is your basic hotel room done grander. With two separate beds that can accommodate 2-4 guests, you can simply do your meetings in the morning, lunch events in the afternoon, cocktails in the evening then find refuge in your room when all is said and done.  

Ample room for your clothes for a few nights stay.

Comfortable beds, for a good night's sleep.

No more clutter in the room because the work desk is one and the same with the desk for the TV. Land line and live orchid included.

They will let you feel you are welcome with a personal note from the GM himself.

Nice chrome trimmings, tiles, even a phone in the john!

A staycation might be a good idea with the room, you'll love their rates! You also have the option to have a King bed in place of these single ones. That's what they call the Deluxe King.
The Corner Room

There's a real good reason to consider having the corner room. It's these lovely Premier Suites that you can get together with an adjacent Deluxe King. It can fit a small family and if you get the Deluxe King (which connects via a door inside this corner room) you can have your whole family in it.

The Deluxe King with separate round table for your work stuff.

Separate lounge area/day bed where your kids can read from in the afternoon.

A really nice Toilet and Bath.

The Premier Suite has a separate entertainment area, you can have your guests stay here.

Never forget to spend hours in the bath tub.

The usual toiletries, they have their own line made for them exclusively.

The only cooking method you can use to reheat food or prepare popcorn is this microwave oven.

This is another room with a King Sized bed.

This has a larger closet space, a walk-in type with iron and ironing board.

The little details like putting real live plants like these orchids blooming all year round.
Now I'll let you in on a secret. This property will have their opening very soon but they actually are offering an introductory rate of Php 3888++ for a room and buffet breakfast for two at MISTO their signature restaurant. You will also get to use complimentary wifi, use of their E-Lounge at the lobby, gym and pool (which I will show you shortly). You can book now and use it later until December 15, 2017 (excluding holidays of course). You may email them at reservations.vertis@sedahotels.com or you may call their line 7398888. The hotel is just behind Ayala Malls Vertis North which can be accessed on the road right before you turn right to Trinoma or at North Avenue (just check the signs thoroughly).

The Amenities

Now when I was there, no one was actually doing anything on the pool and the other amenities available on the hotel. It was something good, as I could imagine this would be filled up when their hotel formally opens next month. I was at awe, everything just reminded me of a resort but it's just situated in the middle of my city.

I like the huge day beds. I like the fact that nobody was there when I was checking out the deck. I love the fact that just across the pool they have a bar, which I think they'll call Straight Up. Trendy and modern, probably to serve something good for evening cocktails. I like their choice of furniture, which mostly are from Filipino designers like Kenneth Cobunpue or Ana Pamintuan. I'll show you more of that later when we get to the lobby.

Isn't this inviting already?

The wind was blowing hard when I was there, you could already see the water ripple. I loved every bit of my stay there.

These are the outdoor showers which they have right beside the pool. Then you can dry off a bit and go back to your room to change.

Don't worry on missing out off your gym time because they've got state of the art modern equipment ready. No one was at the gym yet, and they've got physical trainers to help you with workout.

This small room is for private sessions, or yoga stuff.

Wish this was mine!

For those who are looking for a very nice retreat, they've opened their Spa recently. When I took these photos they were still finishing some rooms but my friends informed me that they've already gotten this done. Definitely something to have while on a staycation.

Again, these pieces of furniture are made by Filipino designers, something I felt was but an apt addition for every part of the hotel to showcase how refined our aesthetic could be even for a Filipino hotel.

This is the Quezon Ballroom 1, 2 and 3. It can be opened up to accommodate about 400 guests, with ample room to move around. They have been already holding several events here and use state of the art projector and audio systems, less pockets of color so you can decide what to do if you plan to decorate the place for your parties.

They have several conference rooms where you can do small meetings, conferences, perfectly intimate for face to face discussions. I like the artwork they put here and in the other rooms too.

This staircase has been used for several wedding shoots, and I couldn't see why not.

Another iconic piece by Kenneth Cobunpue.

And those designer seats don't end there, because it sprawls on the lobby floor up until the lounge.

The Giraffes are another feast for the eyes in this slightly empty space after the stairs. Kids love em too!

We walked to the middle of the lobby again to go to their restaurant called MISTO. I bet this will bag several awards for design. You'll be welcomed with a weaved basket focal point at the entrance. I absolutely love it!


This is the colossal restaurant with a modern Filipino theme. They serve international cuisine separated in sections. It spans the length of the hotel so hold your breath and see this!

Say hell to MISTO!

It's massive, has used really good hard wood for tables. They also have bunk chairs sectioned off so you get the needed privacy if you're dining with family and friends.

This is the private room set at the far end of the restaurant where you could close off from the rest of the diners and hold your small gatherings, meetings, just reserve ahead of time.
Since I was already there, we had snacks at MISTO. I got their Club House, which was seasoned well, used very sharp cheeses, just the way I like it. Kudos to the Chef!

Let's not talk about the SUPER MOIST CHOCOLATE CAKE because we'll just end up battling a losing war against your diet. Talk about sinful eh?

They've also got a grilling station. They do Kebabs and barbecues.

The Japanese section had us drooling over Salmon Rolls.

Really good bowls of Soups and dimsum on this section. I wouldn't mind going back.

They've got the necessary proteins from roast chicken to baby back ribs smothered in smoky barbecue sauce.

Crusty or soft bread? They've got that too.

For those who love pasta, their Chefs are going to prepare it right in front of you. Just let them know how you would like it done.

For weight watchers, take a moment and enjoy the fresh vegetables and dressings they have available.

Then there's dessert. Fruit bowls galore!

Some fancy birthday cakes for your loved ones sound so good too.

If you want the SUPER MOIST CHOCOLATE CAKE and get a whole, they've got that on the fridge. Order one to take home and you wouldn't regret it.

For a healthy option, take this Carrot Cake to account. Yummy afternoons with tea and this sounds mighty good!

Aside from the regular bar drinks, they also have a selection of good French/Chilean and local wines. Just ask and they would suggest what's available. This would be a perfect way to cap off the night! MISTO also has outside seating, so you can enjoy it al fresco if that's what you desire.

SEDA Hotel Vertis North is going to be a great addition to the vast landscape of Quezon City. It sits right in the middle of everything, a mall even, in a property teeming with restaurants and businesses that only gets more interesting as time goes by.

Obviously, once the property goes on full blast in a couple of weeks, plus the fact that the mall will open too, SEDA will be front and center to all that's lovely in this district. You'll never see Vertis North, you'll feel it. I mean the property has not even opened up to everyone yet and I'm impressed already. They've got other rooms in other floors that I haven't seen yet. So if I were you, I'd email or call them on the details that I mentioned earlier. The Php 3,888++ rate can be used from now until the 15th of December so there's really no reason why you shouldn't get one for a planned long weekend like what we just had this June. Thanks to the wonderful people from SEDA Hotel Vertis North for allowing us to take a look at the property this early. I can't wait for your official launch. 

Again, you may email them at reservations.vertis@sedahotels.com or call them at 7398888.


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