Nutriasia's JoyRide at Independence Day Celebrations in Rizal Park

Monday, June 12, 2017

Today marks another year of the independence for the Republic of the Philippines, and what better venue to do it than in the place where our national hero Jose Rizal is buried, at Luneta in the city of Manila. I've had memories as a child and even in my teens of going on different parades for my school in the past, and this place has changed quite a little. The people here are of various economic levels, from Class A to F. Manila is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and that means that some are homeless and still live in the streets, some of these people end up in the Luneta Park, but let's not dwell on that shall we?

We're here for food as one of the country's well loved brands under the roof of Nutriasia wants to show off what they can do with teir products. They own Datu Puti, UFC Ketchup, Golden Fiesta Cooking Oil, and tons of brands under their name. I'm sure your Mom has cooked some really special dishes with these products I mentioned, and you sat in your dining table, contently enjoy the love and care they put into these hearty meals they make. If you were in Luneta today, you must have seen this cute truck right at the place where the iconic Carabao of the park is located.

They call this the Nutriasia "Joy Ride" Food Truck where they prepare meals and sell for cheap so the Filipino public would be able to taste gourmet prepared dishes at a fraction of the cost. These days, if you order Adobo in restaurants it'll cost you a lot not to mention measly servings that wouldn't satisfy your hunger right? At the Joy Ride Food Truck, they serve their meals differently and even let you enjoy locally produced All Natural Blended Juice Drink. They use real fruit juice so you only get to have the best that only Nutriasia can provide.  

This Guyabano-body but You drink was just the perfect thing to have during that scorching hot weather. There are other flavors available like Kamias (which I also love), Dalandan, Mangosteen and others which you can also drink in this kind of day. It's not too sweet, it's just right.

You and I have their version of the perfect Adobo. Thing is, a lot of them prefer trusted brands like Datu Puti. The salty savory soy sauce and the intense sour vinegar just makes the perfect marriage when in that pot boiled with chicken, pork, or both of them. Simmered four an hour or two, then served with heaping hot white rice, ugh! You just won't be satisfied with one serving. The updated Adobo Wrap they had us tried that day was so good, I had to make this an exception to my no rice diet again. (Cheat day LOL).

Now who in their right mind would serve fried Chicken Skin on this day? I think they want to make us believe in FREEDOM a little more LOL!

They also served Adoburrito Humba Wraps made with pork simmered in broth and Datu Puti Adobo Series Humba. They also had us try the sinful Bagnet Wrap that's got deep fried air dried pork and the lovely super hot Mang Tomas Siga which is the liver sauce they sell in leading supermarkets and stores nationwide. Now why is the Chicken Skin so good you say? That's easy to answer, they've got a new product called Golden Fiesta BIG CRUNCH which is designed for Fried Chicken (but you can use pork as you please) and they used it in the Chicken Skin. After frying them to a crunchy state, they doused it with flavor powders that also comes in the package. I love the barbecue flavor the most, but they have it in Sour Cream and Onion, and in Cheese too!  

Now you don't have to settle with boring fried chicken, because Nutriasia took care of that problem. Isn't this like those Korean Fried Chicken you see in restaurants already?

Thank you so much to Nutriasia for having us in their event. I saw how families, friends and ordinary people enjoy it that afternoon. It was my first time to see the BIG CRUNCH too. I'm sure this will be enjoyed by everybody at home as I took some of it home.

Make sure you get them at all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide! Trust me on the Smoked Barbecue Flavor, it's so good

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