Why Smart, TNT and Sun Prepaid Is Even Better

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Had a wonderful time attending events up north a few weeks ago and didn't know I'd enjoy farming as much as I did. We did the whole enchilada, getting to know the people behind it too and was glad that even in that location, I'm still connected to Smart's network as I always believed I could - and even gone live blogging from there. Though it wasn't all that fine and dandy because I actually forgot my phone at home, imagine how panicked I got when I found out that my main line of communication was hundreds of kilometers away from me, I was having panic attacks and scoured my bag minutes after. I found my spare phone, a power bank and this LTE sim still lying around (which I intended to use in times like these). It looks like I've saved myself a lot of trouble by having these things on my backpack while on this trip in Bulacan.

Now I know Smart has really good prepaid offers but just discovered they DOUBLED the data and got UNLIMITED FB and Messenger services thrown in too. To save me a ton of headache I registered to GIGASURF 99 (valid for 7 days) which got me 3GB of data which is double from the usual 1.5 GB and an additional 600MB for other services like Youtube, iFlix, Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Dubsmash (that's double from the former 300MB they offered). I could have also subscribed to their ALLOUTSURF 99 offer (valid for 7 days) and get 2GB of data, 200 minutes of all net calls, unlimited sms and Facebook access (I mean who doesn't love that right?) if I am more on the calling and texting side, this would have been perfect as it is that cheap!

If I used UCT100 (which is also valid for 7 days) I could use 300MB of data, unli calls to mobile networks, unli calls for 5 PLDT numbers, unli all net sms and Facebook so you could see photos and read not just headlines (don't be a victim of fake news!). It all saved me money, saved me to publish my story while in that remote neighborhood, perfect for people on the go and can't get disconnect from the FB world because Smart, TNT and Sun just made it even BIGGER for the same price up until July 10 only. You've got a few weeks left baby! Now isn't that crazy!?

I'm enjoying my postpaid line and have got this prepaid line to save me at times I need it most. That means more content, more data to stream live on IG and Facebook because I have double the previous offers. You just get MORE with Smart, TNT and Sun and you can't deny that it's all better! You don't have to even ask! If you want to know more about it just visit their website http://smart.com.ph/gigasurf or http://smart.com.ph/alloutsurf.

Try texting GIGA99 to 9999 now and see how I felt that week, or ALLOUT99 on the samw number, you would love it like I do!


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