The Need for EMAIL Security

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The EMAIL functionality at the office showed a lot of promise because we had to use them again today for uploading files on our servers. It is relatively a new and easy way since we now are connecting to main office servers through virtual private networks. The most important part of this structure is the security involved in transferring data if you are in a public network and if you are outside on business trips you may have no choice but to use WIFI networks provided for in hotels and establishments. Outlook email encryption has been a necessity on these occasions since the added AES 256 bit blanket of security adds a lot for the safety of non public information. This is a plug in you need to install on OUTLOOK and a lot of multinational corporations have benefited from this.


The transit of data should never be compromised since a lot of reports, statistics and planning are done with the exchange of electronic document copies sent through this medium. I would have preferred someone have these printed and sent through messengers; but in this day and age you need to have them sent instantaneously. You should think about it too if the offices are oceans apart. If the messenger could travel with the speed of light then that would be a better alternative; but that would be impossible. Data encryption is a necessity and getting those additional things to secure it would make your work easy and worry free. You should check out experts at ENCRYPTOMATIC and get the solution you need.


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