My Best Photos of 2009

Thursday, December 03, 2009

I was thinking about what photos stood out in the thousands of photos I took this 2009. To end this genre of pictures for 2009 I tried to collate what I think are the best ones so far. Not bad for a 6 month old camera. Trish (my D60) has really come a long way!

I'll try describing to you some of my shots and where or when I did it..

The Laguna Photowalk with D60KREW where we went to churches, historical places and mountainous regions in the south of the metro. This happened 07192009!

This is a shot of the blessed sacrament inside the Church of San Lorenzo Ruiz I think, no PP done on this. All natural light. It had those shadows because I was shooting through the actual gate before you get into that room.


This flower was taken outside the garden of that same church. They have fountains and it rained a lot hence this water was flowing. With that floating on top; I just got to show you how pretty it is.


This one was a gumamela plant inside Jose Rizal shrine. As you see the great color because a great thing to see.

These are original kamaligs or containers of rice. This usually lasts for months. The colors turned out great!

I have more to show in fashion, street photography and landscapes on my next posts! Stay tuned for that!


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