I Want One Now!

Friday, December 25, 2009

We went to the mall yesterday and as if the 4 television sets in our home was not enough, my brother who just arrived from Ireland was looking for a wide screen LED TV. I knew we did not have much choice in this part of the world because there are only a few known brands that carry them. I was right because when he looked at what was available, he had to choose only from 3 high priced ones that did not even pass his standards.

He mentioned that he had better choices and cheaper deals in 40 LCD TV from the UK. I checked out the site and there were lots of reviews from consumers from in and around the kingdom. I wanted one that was listed there; specifically this one here.
Thinking about the duties it requires to have it shipped here, it would still be relatively cheaper buying from their site. They even update the prices and offers every hour which is just great! I want to have that on our living room now!


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