The Red Square Experience

Monday, December 14, 2009


There's a new place to watch out for in Manila's clubbing scene right at the heart of Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. With inspiration from the great landmark in Russia, THE RED SQUARE promises to impress with their great interior, aptly themed bar, reasonably priced drinks and huge servings. Music is extremely young and fresh; comprised of one of the greatest house-trans music compilations I have ever heard provided by DJ's Ceejay Fondevilla, Dennis Dorendez and other guest DJ's that weekend. Their music is in my genre; and to tell you the truth, I have heard one of the best!

DJ Ceejay Fondevilla, DJ Dennis Dorendez and other guest DJ's got the latest House and Trans Mixes that would be the envy of clubbers throughout the country!

Try various VODKA mixes while @ Red Square!

Red Square is right at the heart of Quezon Avenue in QC!
The newest, grandest place for clubbing!

The brains behind the clubbing industry in the metro, Adriel Mirto!!

The acoustics were just the way I liked it, extremely loud and bangin that would force most club goers to talk and whisper to each others ears while dancing. It initiates intimacy on a very posh site, not bad for single good looking people finding a place of refuge after work; or after a whole week in their blue collared jobs. The awesome lights, you'll just know they are state of the art, new and expensive. The lounge area was also comfortable, with futuristic modern interior scaled by a combination of wood, metal and red to black leather trimmings, you just can't avoid to stare at awe how each section was thought out!

NOCTURNAL Photographer Senor Ismael in action!

State of the art lights and sounds that fare even better than the usual SUPERCLUBS you already know!

That night when the NOCTURNALS invaded the place, the ambiance was great, the dress code though was very lenient and felt everywhere was the actual VIP area. I would really love to see this bar hyped and amped up in the next few days since they are going to have their launch. I know the actual strip has been stigmatized of girlie night bars and stuff where politicians, cohorts and the likes have been frequently seen. This time, its gonna be our generation that it will cater to. I am actually excited that this will be a start of something big that will challenge the greatest names in the clubbing from Manila, Makati, The Fort and Eastwood districts.

Did I mention the fine women @ Red Square?!
If you haven't been there, you are missin a lot!

Just a fair warning: Get ready to party at THE RED SQUARE! I'll be there!

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Nash said...

wow another club!

Anonymous said...

Hi bro, I'm a friend of Adriel, (the guy in red polo shirt) can u connect him to me? Is he still in Manila?