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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It looks like a ruckus today in the office. A lot of people apparently have work these days and a couple of interviews with clients. Business seems booming at this side of the corporate world I live in. It's so fun now... I remember it was only me who was here on Sundays. Now, it looks like we're around 20. Weird! Heheh...I am also getting a lot of feedback with my photos. The model apparently likes it and made it her profile photo too. I wonder what the other photographers think of my overprocessed ones. Well I did try minimal retouching but the make up was really showing so I had to cover it up bigtime.
I also made this at night which made me a little sleepy at times. But I think I did a pretty good job shooting it. Just look at how pretty she is!
I like how the photos turned out. The ultra red treatment on the umbrella was a little painstaking. I also had to work on that and the branches. Some of the hairlight was flooding over to the face and I had to remove that. The oversaturation on parts of the body was also showing so I had to clone that up and heal so it would look natural. I did rework that hairline edge so don't worry I gave a clearer one to the model. Did it work?! =)

She's so pretty noh?! I'll show you her full set soon. I'm excited! =)


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