Reconnecting with KES Batch '91

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hmmm... where do I start.... well here goes...

I live in a quaint town in the metro called Kamuning. It's comprised mostly suburban and residential houses. The nearest Elementary School is owned by the government; and to tell you honestly its not that appealing to look at that time. I don't have any qualms against Tomas Morato but man even when I was a kid I didn't like going there. My Grandma taught English classes and had duties on the other nearby school. Well it wasn't nearby for a 5 year old kid and since I didn't want to end up on this one, they all decided that I had to be sent to Kamuning Elementary School. I then had lots of Tito's and Tita's... had lots of friends. I did dance troupes, choirs, the works! School made me creative more than I ever wanted. Even if my siblings went to private ones and I stayed there, I guess it did a lot for me. I saw how real people were at those times. I grew up barely knowing what I'm good at but it has equipped me with a lot of things... but what I cherish most was the friendship. It was the first time I encountered other kids than me who were not from the same neighborhood I was in. What's funny is that I'm analyzing my childhood ha-ha!Anyway to make the long story short, yesterday was the first time in 20 years that we got to meet again. The Batch 91 of Kamuning Elementary School and all its cohorts were as excited as I am. It was something I wanted to do since we were all just talking and posting on Facebook most of the time. Even if it was only a handful, I wanted it to start something big. I always dreamed of reconnecting with the past... Just imagining 20 years of stories and lives we had; it was bound to be as big as I thought.

I got an event posted on FB and of course the response was positive. I wasn't worried about the attendance, but anyway; as long as I see some of them I'm good. This is just the beginning and I'm sure once those who are outside of the country or were busy at that time would be envious after seeing the photos. Need I say more?!
I graduated there. Got to high school, college and a job... well a couple of jobs ha-ha! I guess it spelled the 20 years for me. When the day finally came I wanted to be at the venue first so I did my best but John Lloyd beat me to it! Haha! Then after a few short stories, Enclid, Abby and Julius arrived. Sherwin came through the rain. We waited a bit and got RC, Christine and Shiela too. I guess a bit of my dream to see them was comin true... =)

L-R Christine, Lloyd, Julius, Abby, Sherwin, Enclid
RC and Shiela (seated)

Pretty soon the place was filling up. We decided to start the party and got a few more guys and gals to arrive.

(Top) Shiela, Lloyd (L-R) Enclid, Lyn (Warner's wife ^_^), Warner, Rodel, Abby Sherwin, Christine, Gina, Freddie, Maryann, Jerome, Julius, Jon-Jon, RC and Me

We drank a few bottles and ate a few things but what kept us busy most of the time was the laughter and stories. I never imagined how petty and innocent we were back then. And oh how time flies! Some of us look quite the same and some of us look VERY different... but you can't discount one thing... we all still look good. I guess time has been good to us and in fact I wouldn't wanna say how old we are, after all we're all probably the same age haha! I was a little weird in some way because I practically could occupy 1/4 of the photos, I guess I was that big! I was already big when we were kids ^_^.

I did see my closest friends though I never got the chance to talk to them that much this time. I know there will still be more of these gatherings. I want to get to know them more. We've all lived different lives, chose different paths and had been doing a lot to reconnect. It was indeed an evening to remember. It was exactly as I hoped it would be as it made me happy... I hope it was the same for them!

Here's some of the highlights!

It was a fun day for all of us. I'd like to take this part of the post to thank each and everyone who attended this small gathering. I know I'm not much of a planner or organizer but we did have fun and that's what is important. For our classmates who weren't able to come, you saw how much fun we had on this reunion... so try and be there next time okay?! Again thanks to everyone who made this successful!

PS I think everyone got home late after a few rounds of beer in Tomas Morato. Until we meet again! Au Revoir!



Christine Fajardo said...

Great Job dear classmate! I still can't forget the fun we had that night...see you again next time =)

John Bueno said...

I'm sure we'll meet again, actually maybe next month if the plans push through hehe ^_^

lloyd said...

count me in