Monday, August 30, 2010

My family is my priority; and I can say that out loud without hesitation. I have a lot of things in mind right now - dating, getting married, going out, time for gym, rest, work and career advancement; but I guess that's quite normal for a single guy's life. Sometimes I even want to regret being a "bachelor" and get depressed (not that I want to get married soon! XD ) but I am SOOOO enjoying my life more without worrying about that. Life is good... and I've got a better understanding of how it works now.

When I get off the office, I usually stop by the mall and check out what I can buy. It's just usually the essentials but what I always think about is what I could bring my folks. I usually skip breakfast (and hope you believe me every now and then LOL) but it is one of the most important things I have to do everyday. I get to talk to my Mom and Dad while having my favorite cup of tea (Earl Grey, Mint or Chamomile). When I do these conversations in the past, I'd probably just end up doing tantrums and fight my way out of the room. It would really upset them whenever this happens. These days I kinda lost that rebellious fervor and got tuned up. We talk about anything under the sun now from politics, religion, current events and sometimes relatives who ask favors. I don't get that irked now since I think I have a say in everything that we talk about. Maybe because I bribed them with these...



Dad also gets first bite after opening the package!

Oh and did you notice something different with it?
The packaging and logo of Goldilocks just got vamped up!

It's the same taste we Filipinos have always loved in its 44 years of existence. I never knew it has been that long! So awesome! The Butter Puto has never been better! These are the days when I wished Dinuguan would be served in breakfast, that would have been a pair made in heaven! Mmmmm!

With the gustatory events unfolding one by one, I kept some of the food I bought for the rest of the day. After a few more rounds of conversation with Mom and Dad, I took a shower and hurriedly got to sleep. I rested with a smile on my face eagerly awaiting my Sister to wake up! Obviously, we have different shifts.


The afternoon was grand!
Hours after I slept; someone was already shouting in the kitchen.
I knew my Sister found it!

The cake I bought her was Dulce De Leche!
How can I go wrong with butter cream icing and caramel oozing all throughout the roll.

Did you know we used to fight over who gets the "ends" of it because it had the most icing?! LOL That was really a funny thing to remember together with the small food fights and smearing that happened a few years back. We definitely did not outgrew it (I won't let that happen!) but I guess we got a little toned down when people are around. It was sweet revenge when you can get that on her face or clothes too! (She was on her way to work!) Ha-ha! But we really still love it, I bought another one the day after.

Swirls of icing and caramel all in one.
How in the world can you go wrong with that!?

After watching the evening news and small chats in between, Mom prepared dinner since I was going back to work. When I was a kid, 6PM was like Martial Law when everyone outside the house should go back and prepare for dinner. We were not allowed to go beyond that otherwise you would see someone getting locked out for a few minutes! (Ha-ha I remember!) These days when I go out I usually get back home at 6PM too, the next day that is! Ha-ha! Sometimes Mom and Dad still worries too but I think they already got used to it. I think they know what I do in the weekends since I often end up in bars and clubs in Fort or QC. I don't drink that much but I think that's because I hate hangovers more than the ill benefits of it. I just act drunk if needed LOL! But most of the weekends I spend at home I do spend quality time with them. I even bought them their favorite!

It's not too sweet! It's just right! It's got that tangy - sweet, refreshing fruity flavor and custard that you really love!

Mom and Dad's favorite is the famous Crema De Fruta.

It's that custard filled layered sponge cake topped with peaches and cherries. The perfect dessert to end a meal. I got 2 servings of it in one sitting so just imagine how good this is! It's not heavy on the belly and wouldn't get you "fed up aka UMAY" to say the least. I love how it gets my Mom and Dad to smile. That's the only thing you ask for in a meal, you get to see people happy, cherishing and sharing what they have. Pretty small things, but this is SO MUCH of a big deal for me! and that's what makes me happy!


I was skeptic... I was Crazy... Til I tasted it....


It was so nice... It explodes in your mouth... It's pure bliss!

Aside from the pleasures in life that had continually improved. I guess it is a very far cry from what we have been doing in the past. If there is one thing that I have truly learned, change is inevitable. Our relationships, our love, the things we do for family and our priorities in one point or another will be different. I'm no better than any of you guys; but I'm willing to improve myself and everything that I am so I can take care of those who I love better. We sometimes need to surrender everything to fate and be glad of who we will become. We're going to be more matured, more responsible individuals. Let's just make everything worthwhile; and the people from this world feel a little better than when we first found it. It maybe something simple as puto, a slice of cake, or a piece of fruit; but the happiness it can radiate to your loved ones is priceless. Let's all start being what we want to see in this world! That's all what PAGBABAGO means to me!


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onetwotryn said...

advertisement ba to for goldilocks?! lol

you got me craving for that puto! i've got leftover dinuguan (straight from Lucban which they call sinantol) in the fridge!

We had that 6pm curfew back in the days too and i had my share of being locked out too. haha

kulet ng picture mo. but i think the word crazy is too mild a term for you. teehee!