Social Network Makes Us Anti Social?!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's one of those days. I guess its about time that I talk about social networks and how it made the world a smaller place. Just like you I once insisted not to join Facebook because I was using Friendster in the beginning(like many Asians as a matter of fact). But look at us now, we didn't even know Friendster still existed right?

Now, we all can't live without it. If you ain't playing farmville or restaurant city or Mafia Wars you'll be considered the loser when everyone else is talking about it. Relationships are now rekindled when you see a long lost friend or relative. Some would even be mad at you at times just because you choose to ignore friend requests and applications that spell ingredients to some dish ha-ha! I guess gone are the days of posting testimonials as we welcome small comments and like statuses huh?!

We even demand to have Internet on our phones 24/7. We subscribe to whole day web services and post statuses by the minute or photos directly. We share links, watch videos, read blogs, comment on s2pid photos for the amusement of another. We receive alerts on email so we don't get left behind. We all know its ohhhh so lame but we still all do it. We connect, find girls, connect again, find prospects, connect again and find people to marry then delete our accounts heheh. Well... almost...

It's so nice to see how we've all gone to social networking but have gone ANTI SOCIAL. We seldom talk anymore, we don't call that much, we get text messages from girlfriends, we get girls the same way, we chat, send PM's, tweet or plurk or whatever social platform just to get the message across. We invented some other form of languag and pretty soon we'll see each other on video with the same site. I wonder why we're doing social networks yet we're being anti social now. We probably will spend more time at home doing nothing than going to the malls and get bigger by the day. Oh I wonder... don't you think this is going to be bad pretty soon? I hope not. I'm a little puzzled... do you feel the same way?! =)


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