Memories of KES '91

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things that I miss in Grade School?... My first schedule was 2 Subjects and a Recess. My teacher in Kindergarten. My teacher in Gradeschool. The Boyscout thingys and the paniki on the flagpole. The first set of friends I made. The first best friends I had. First crush. First encounter of porn LOL. The cheap nutriban, biko, spaghetti and shake. How cheap? 1peso nutriban, 1peso biko, 5 peso spaghetti, 1 or 2 peso shake. 5peso ice cream on bread. Scramble. Green Mango and Singkamas on stick with bagoong. The cheap toys sold outside the school. Cheese curls with free growing frogs in water. Bioman kids membership. Super Mario. Overnights. The visit to classmate's houses. Uncle Bob's Lucky Seven club. Penpen de Sarapen. Acting workshops. Acting stints here and there. Commercials. First paycheck. First bankbook. The free softdrinks. Free books. Gardening. Pechay from the garden LOL.

Science projects. Science speeches. Corporal punishment on kids. Dance troupes. Choir. Practices. Cleaning rooms. Sewing class. The fine art of pagbuburda LOL. Patintero in the early morning. Fountains. School programs with Lilet. Imelda Marcos. Principals. Supervisors. Tough guys. Bitchy Girls. Closing parties. Christmas Parties. Gumamela and bubbles. Agawan Base. Tumbang Preso. Volleyball. Kalesteniks. Carpentry. Vinyl tiles. Burned down buildings. Graduations. Separate lives.

All those happened 20 sumthin years ago. I got to see that again a couple of days ago. I reminisced and drank a couple of bottles of beer with them again. I got to sing with them too. I bet we'll be doing it again soon. How? I don't know yet but I am hoping we'll see more of each other. Right guys? Did I miss anything?! =)

Are you ready for the November get together?!


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