I Write Sins and Tragedies

Monday, August 23, 2010

I have joined several essay competitions in school and I have quite a number of achievements. I have championed most of them and I think I have this niche in the bag because of my background in English literature and creative writing. My story telling skills are at par with some of the best this metro has produced but there are some instances that I even doubt myself. I make sure I don't tremble in fear or end in the state of shock when it starts. The combination of stage fright and contest jitters is toxic for anyone. Let alone the pressure from peers who have given me some tips on choosing the subject wisely. I even have gained some friends from competitions but no matter how friendly I need to be, I have to remember how to put my game face on. If I needed essay help there are only a couple of avenues I can check for quality work. It's something like comparing notes, I know you all have done that in the past right?!

Thinking about what to discuss is essential. The need to learn how to first relate this to your own life experience is vital. If the writing style has been attached then you can have an ongoing piece to discuss. For example, you can describe the lesson you want to get on the whole essay as starter. The body would contain a story which is based on a movie, a storyline from another source, or your own imagination but the main character would be the writer. In each segment that would happen, the decision that would be made would be dependent on your reaction to a certain situation. If the writer decides to go left or right, forward or back, diagonally or in circles... and get that particular thing to cause a result on the subject too. In life people can turn out to be good or evil, fat or thin, funny or creepy, live or die but you will have the climax describe the thing that would be able to get the main plot of the story to where it is in the end. The turning point where all the details would change and where the excitement starts. How we all make that interesting is the key because since the body of the story is long and the structure can get boring at times. If you write something interesting that would capture the reader and get them into the edge of their seats early on; and have that consistently make them stay there, then you are a genius!

Ending an essay would be like a summary of your discussions and a little explanation on how it relates to the lesson you tried to inculcate to your reader. Upon reading various custom essays online there are some instances that we forget how to make the readers think and it would be wise to hold some information back. This is done to make the reader wonder why you said your piece in the body and how it would affect the whole story in the end. Successful masterpieces on sins and tragedies need not to be about the fancy things life has; a simple learned lesson like those which I read in a dissertation service uk would do. Have you ever done something like that and had a hard time?! Where? You should check out online institutions like URGENTESSAYS.CO.UK and get professional help! Would you do it again and want to be successful?! Let me know!


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