Another Crazy Day in a Crazy World

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I guess both you and I know what happened yesterday and today huh?! I think another bipolar disorder in everyone just struck. Some people died in the hostage situation yesterday and I together with the sensible people in this world pray that those who survived are OK. I'm so sad about what is happening. I'm sure you have the same sentiments. Now we're back to pointing fingers again. Well, honestly I felt this was only a small incident that was blown out of proportion because of media. Now that people died, even the media did not accept their faults. PNOY already said something about it and their problems. A blackout in media should have been done so it would have less complications. The hostage taker was apparently watching and listening to radio. Now he's also dead, who the hell are we going to ask and stay in jail?

Congratulations Maria Venus Raj! For getting 4th Runner up place in Ms. Universe! That 22 inch waistline must have come from somewhere!

On another page, we could have bagged another Ms Universe crown too but we kinda fell short on the interview portion. It's okay though since she ended up in 4th runner up position. I think she'll come home and get everyone cheering for her despite all the drama and brouhaha yesterday. Hope it lifts everyone's spirit even after that bloody end of atrocities. I'm still happy about that because it at least took our visions out of whatever happened yesterday.

To the Mexicans: Let's just meet next time in the ring! Ha-ha!



ZaiZai said...

congrats Venus! pareho pala kaming 22 and bewang. kaya lang grade 6 pa ako nung last naging 22 bewang ko :)

Allen said...

di na natatapos ang kahihiyan. haha.