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Sunday, August 01, 2010

I always knew that there was a bigger world out there for me! It's one that you can find in books and literary work. It would not be the same in reality and evidently there is a big difference; a huge difference. I learned that early on when I was a kid when I began to write essays. It makes me think so much more of my life and ideologies. I learned a lot when I was growing up. I was dreaming of getting laurels of my own since I got into writing and I knew how important it was for me. It took me off some dangers in my other subjects and compensated me in words. I guess only half a brain works but it’s really good that it concentrated on what I think matters most. I got into a job easier; I got all my reports well written and have lots of friends since my communication skills are above average human understanding to say the least. I became more of a warrior with words and I did put it to good use. I was able to write for a couple of essay contests in high school... and people took notice. If they needed essay help they would rather go to great minds on line or people like me. They probably chose the first one since they are easier to deal with. I wouldn't blame them believe me! Ha-ha!

I like writing more of an education essay since it would deal with theories and how to prove them rather than something fictional. I was a fictional writer too in college but I never won any contests of that nature. I think I did a pretty good job with it but I excelled in topics that dealt with real people. It can either be autobiographical or what not just as long as it serves the purpose. Maybe I can get in it as a ghost writer if the price is right for me. I would not be surprised to get my own criticism essay someday if that day comes but I figured that it’s just part of the drill. If I need professional looking ones I would look for institutions in the industry like Essay Champions and seek improvement in this craft. People in the educational system might need their help too. It would be best to consider giving them the job instead if they wouldn't be able to do it themselves. Quality wise it’s going to be grand since folks from universities in the UK would do it! I’d rather let an expert do it than have myself seen ridiculed by other people. Wouldn’t that be something you would want to have?! It’s an easy life and peace of mind!

That’s one of the reasons why I love what the one above gave me; a working brain and liberty to write as anything I wish to be!

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