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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I guess these days we all have time to surf the Internet and based on the results we have some overwhelming response from people here and the other ones who live abroad. Some of them are expats and OFW's and I know you probably have one in your family that does work there. They all voted already so why shouldn't you do the same right?!

Clean and Clear

Photos courtesy of Ms Cecille of

It's that Clean and Clear product that Filipinos have been using for years... since it is available around the world, they are holding a search for top best friends/models for their product. Why the hell should we lose to some other country when obviously we look far better than the other competitors there. Mariel and Isa won the Philippine leg and if you think about it the other entries there from the Southeast Asian region, I don't think they stand a chance. You can vote once a day until September 13. I heard there are rumors that someone is doing "Lutong Macau" in that contest so let's overwhelm them with our online presence ok?! Vote for them by CLICKING HERE. Prizes are also up for grabs and are randomly chosen so vote now!

Miss Universe - Maria Venus Raj

This controversial lady we sent to the Miss Universe pageant is currently leading but we need to still keep voting and get her average above everyone else. I know you might have some bets but please register on their site, confirm your email and click Contestants > Venus Raj. Then choose 5 stars on the photo so we'll have her on the leaderboard okay? I know a lot of you are watching this event so why not do it for the Philippines right?!

Hurry and register now!

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