We've got a lot to thank for!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The house is a little messy today. I got rid of my old clothes. I sorted out some of the old things I have in my room because I admitted halfheartedly that I'm a little clutter freak. I bade goodbye to my old ways and made sure I get more things done at home. Since this purging is getting a little playtime in my day off, I decided to do something about my cabinets and storage. Modern Furniture these days don't need to be just plain Jane. There are a lot of options out there and you just need to have some patience to get the perfect one for your place. Who doesn't want to have their house to look good right?!

I live a simple life; but that does not mean I have to stay and watch myself live with antiques in this lifetime. Sometimes it makes me wonder how long I have been doing that. I think a change of look every now and then would perk me up a bit. It feels gloomy at days and I don't even go out that much. I need to enjoy home as much when I did as a kid. Everything seemed so surreal then. I'm sure pretty soon I'll feel that way again!

It's everybody's dream. Perfection is a goal; but we all know how hard life is. If it treats us right after work then it's good; because we can see the fruits of our labor. Then we'll realize that we really have a lot to thank for!



pusangkalye said...

perfection. parang photography lang yan. the elements should be in their proper places to look good. But wait, simple life, you live a simple life? I think my right eyebrow is starting to move upward.hehehe

John Bueno said...

Hahah oo simple lang yan hehe