Huawei Encourages Digital Skills Training For Students

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Huawei just concluded the 7th Seeds for the Future program and has benefited over 200 students all over the Philippines. Ceremonies were attended by DICT Undersecretary Arnold Ali Atienza and DOST Undersecretary Renato Solidum last Friday.

Mr. Atienza lauded Huawei's Seeds for the Future program as they have really good training programs in order to develop more ICT professionals in the country. Aside from personal growth, they'll be part of the needed workforce for the booming Philippine ICT industry and ecosystem that Huawei also supports.

There is a lot of growth in the fields of SOHO, healthcare and education that this could help especially with the rise of new technologies in 5G, AI and IoT, same in other countries. Huawei Philippines' very own VP Daniel Guo says "There will be more opportunities for ICT talents and equipping these students will help make the country better equipped in anything digital."

Seeds for the Future program started in 2015 in the PH and has partnered with 50 Philippine Universities that helped over 9600 students in the same field. This is Huawei's initiative for educatin so they could bring more skilled Filipinos in the modern world.


VICE GANDA Gives Sound Relationship Advice "If Wala Kang Pera, Wag Kang Magjowa!"

Saturday, November 27, 2021

You know, there's something about having Vice Ganda on "It's Showtime!" that really works. Vice makes you think of a lot of things, and he makes it make sense. This afternoon's episode was a little controversial, but if you hear why Vice Ganda said it, you would know why she said "If Wala Kang Pera, Wag Kang Magjowa!"

Vice says "We know so many people, but we didn't take time to get to know ourselves. There's a saying that goes "Be so true to thyself as though not to be false to others". "

Vice further adds "If you don't have money, don't start a relationship. I'm not saying not to love someone, because that's a given. What I'm saying is that getting into a relationship is different. For starters, how awkward would it to be in a relationship and put all the burden to a guy right? You already have a problem, that's money, it's a social problem... and it's our job on how to find ways to earn a living. It's a personal responsibility, and if you can't do that, why in the world would you delve into another responsibility. A relationship is not just flirting, it's a responsibility, to nurture, something to take care of. It's not like studying that if you can't afford one, you'll get scholarships, you both should give what you can to make it work. What if you get her pregnant? You can't put that burden on your parents, on your mother, you can't feed them with money from other people. I remember the time I've listened to stories from Reyna ng Tahanan, and being in a relationship and making a family is a huge responsibility. Your friends can't pay for that, I remember a lot of my friends go out even if they don't have money. But if they make an occasion happen and plan everything, you can do that every once in a while, but not all the time."

Vhong Navarro interjects and says "Yes, it's sad to not have a relationship, but you have to be responsible. It's like going to war without bullets."

Vice may have been joking around much in the "It's Showtime!" set but you've got to admit, that right there is REAL TALK. It's realistic and sound advise about love and relationships which Vice has a pretty good grasp of. 

Have you ever had one of those times when Vice talks and you got affected? Tell me about it!


Team VICE GANDA Delivers Moving Performance in Annual MAGPASIKAT in "It's Showtime!"

It's so nice to see things getting back to normal and as a yearly tradition, "It's Showtime!" just recently presented their annual "MAGPASIKAT" portion wherein the hosts are pit against each other presenting different causes, in an entertainment form. Judging this year is award winning actor Joel Torre, Miss Universe Catriona Gray, Eheads drummer and composer Raymund Marasigan, and punong hurado Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano.

Amy Perez, Karylle and Kim Chiu presented dance and numbers with sports champions, gold medalists signifying WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. Kim did super good in her dance numbers and the time she did a bit with a drum set. They also had 4th IMPACT together with them, they did good with their theme WOMEN AND GOLD. It instigated goosebumps, almost made the judges cry, had really solid impact.

Ogie Alcasid and Vhong Navarro did a skit with their kids, played by them too. Their theme is S-kid Games. They did several traditional games via 5x5 squid games style, projected it on the floor while they danced. It was like bonding without the need for gadgets or internet. Ogie of course sang his heart out with several TNT singers and champs, Ebe Dancel, El Gamma Penumbra, and Asia's Songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. Jhong Hilario made a cameo and also sent Ogie and Vhong flying. Their message was about the goodness of fun, games, camaraderie, enjoying life's freedoms.

Jhugs, Teddy and Ion had comedy skits with Joey Marquez. They had a couple madlang pipol choose how the story would start, how it ends. Dance numbers like Matrix ensued, Ion was on a Ducati. It was nice because it was interactive. They included their heads being wrapped around by a snake, so it really wasn't easy. It didn't show much, but it was really good entertainement. Maybe, it's about conquering fears. Also, it was Ion's birthday, and he wished for the pandemic to end and his relationship with Vice Ganda to become even stronger. (that was a super sweet moment for Ion to say that!)

Then comes Vice Ganda, Ryan Bang and Jackie. They call themselves TEAM MAGIINA. They started with a comedy skit and talked about their preparations. Then they swithced places with viral online sensations Pipay and Whamos. They also had YouTube star, and sexiest Ivana Alawi, wifebeater clad Darren Espanto. Theirs had a sad start because they implied Vice had passed. Vice was the one who told them to prepare, do all these things, and Jackie got really into character. She was emotionally distraught when she heard the news. The lyrics went "Who would be there to catch you if you fall?". They had Kyla in the number, with Ryan Bang actually playing the piano in the background (we didn't know he could do that!). Team Vice was super dramatic, and was a discovery of talents. It also talked about the pandemic, on how we couldn't have the chance to say goodbye to people, how it hurt us, how we move on from it and still have hope that one day soon, we will meet. And properly, say goodbye. Vice also sang a few songs in this number, but what was moving was the last one when she had a string quartet, a choir at the end. Vice sang "See You Again" which had pretty hurtful lyrics. What broke my heart even more was the actual people who lost people because of COVID writing their messages on white balloons and reliving their memories with them. It was so touching, timely and so sad. Vice brought her cause to front, and how thankful they are for the lives they (those who passed) shared. The ending was so nice as they released white doves and balloons on the rooftop of ABSCBN. It was an epic sight! They came prepared!

In the end, 3rd and 4th Runners won 50,000 pesos. It went to Team Jhugs Teddy and Ion and Team Vhong and Ogie. First Runner Up went to Team Vice, Ryan and Jackie and won Php 100,000 for it. The Grand Champion was Tyang Amy, Kim Chiu and Karylle.

Vice says "We dedicate our performance to our chosen charity The Ruth Foundation. The Ruth Foundation for Palliative and Hospice Care will be the recipient of our prizes. They cater to COVID and Non COVID cases and help them with medical care, pay for bills, death care which has crippled families during this pandemic." Vice adds "We just escape everyday, this pandemic, I lost 4 of my super closest friends. When they were telling me about what we planned to perform, I insisted to do something stronger, something personal. I questioned how I paid for their hospital bills, was it enough to make their burials nice, and how I wasn't able to go to their wake even if they extended their schedules for me because I was their best friend. I'm doing this for the people who weren't able to do that because of the pandemic. We need to understand that it's not our fault, let's face the hurt, understand it, let go and say "Don't worry about us, we are okay and we will see you soon!". Even if we want to hug them, we can't, but I'm here to tell you, you're not alone. God Bless everyone!"


MAJA SALVADOR Endorses REIKO & KENZEN Beautéderm Health Boosters

Friday, November 26, 2021

Her MAJAsty and Queen of the Dance Floor Maja Salvador just copped another endorsement from the company with beautiful people Beautéderm. Catering to a different age segment, she's going to be endorsing the whole product line of REIKO & KENZEN Beautéderm Health Boosters. This grand launch is part of  Beautéderm's 12th Year Anniversary celebrations and CEO Ms. Rhea Tan's birthday too.

Aside from a very spirited dancer, singer and actress, she's donned several shows and dramas which have all been a hit here and in other countries. Recently, she put up Crown Artist Management and has been very successful at it too. Her knack for things, flexibility at work, and how she inspires a lot of people made her the perfect fit to be REIKO & KENZEN Beautéderm Health Boosters endorser. Her energy on the dance floor is unequaled and yes, she needs all the help she can get to maintain that level of enthusiasm each time she moves. She personally tried the products which CEO Ms. Rhea Tan sent particularly the KENZEN BioDopa + Rosemary which is an Energy Booster. It's got VivaGen which has Mucuna Pruriens Rosemary, Maca and Guarana extracts so she gets to do a lot of things and energy she needs to last throughout the day.

Maja also is so thankful that she's a trusted endorser for the REIKO & KENZEN Beautéderm Health Boosters. Miss Rhea Tan also said that it was a no brainer for her to get Maja as endorser because she's not just a beautiful face, but a very kind individual that they got along instantly. They also are both Ilocanas, they got to crack jokes and laugh about times while they were being asked by press during the launch.

Maja treats it as a great blessing after the good things that happened to her in the past few years. She also hopes that while she's maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the products of REIKO and KENZEN would be there to help her focus, get enough sleep and lots of energy. Oh and yes, she's got a really good relationship in tow, he was there during the celebrations yesterday too. This is just the start of more things with Maja and Beautederm's REIKO and KENZEN line. Here's hoping a lot of Filipinos would benefit from all the good things these all natural supplements bring.

Miss Rhea Tan and Maja Salvador at the event (protocols have been followed)

Ms. Rhea Tan also shared how she's extremely happy to have been able to change the lives of a lot of people especially those who have made strides and bring in huge sales for the company, and help change the lives of others as well. You may read about the products on all Beautéderm social channels and on YouTube. I'll include that in a future video so stay tuned for updates on our YouTube channel. Subscribe if you may!

Congratulations Maja, also to the men and women behind Beautéderm Corporation and Ms. Rhea. You're REIKO and KENZEN line will grow big especially that you're starting to see the results of these all natural supplements. Thank you!