Robinsons Appliances Hold Last Leg of RACE TO A MINUTE in Galleria South!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Spent my whole afternoon and evening traveling to San Pedro, Laguna a few days ago for the last leg of Robinsons Appliances Race to a Minute 2023. It's where they pick lucky shoppers from Robinsons Appliances and let them go through a short distanced course with 6 different activities in order to win prizes from Robinsons Appliances. They're doing this to say THANK YOU to all their customers who have patronized Robinsons Appliances all this year, and they gave up to Php 220,000 worth of prizes to lucky shoppers. 

The event was hosted by Turs Daza and Elisse Joson. They have already done those in Valencia in Bukidnon, Robinsons Galleria Cebu, Robinsons Tugegarao so it was time to do it with GMA participants this time in the City of San Pedro. Each station in the event was quite difficult and had to be solved with physical strength, wit, and smarts. Their sponsors and appliance brands chipped in on each exercise, it was quite tiring to run around the mall while we chase the contestants to document it, here's how it went!

Here's the announcement of winners!

In the end, it was the Yellow team that won this last leg, and according to their conversations during the event (the executives and production), they plan to do another one by next year. So see, it's really worth it to shop at Robinsons Appliances. Make sure you follow their social channels especially their Facebook Page because they announce it and other promos there. 

Congratulations to the winners and of course to Robinsons Appliances! Can't wait to join the festivities soon and be part of this event, because from where I see it, it's worth it!


Wolvit Releases 2 New Digi ads on Hair Loss

Monday, March 27, 2023

Truth be told, I think I'm suffering from hair loss too. It's a really stressful condition to be in especially if you just want to look good up there, and see yourself being the handsome self you were when you were young.

Aside from aging, it could be caused by one or many issues. Recently, Wolvit (a biotin supplement brand) released 2 digital ads about it showcasing different guys, different circumstances where they encounter the instances where people notice that they're losing hair. The ones in the ads feel they suddenly get shocked, then lose confidence, because their usual crowning glory or perfect hair, seem not to be as good anymore.

The first is entitled "Night Out", a little iffy if you're a foodie, but you'll definitely relate if it is happening to you. The second one is called "Hinala", for women who suddenly find themselves suspecting husbands of an affair, but didn't see it was their own hair falling on the pillows and clothes. That what you may be experiencing, was just Biotin deficiency. Wolvit takes care of that.

If you want to know more about it, you can purchase them in Mercury Drug stores and Watsons, go check it out as it's accessible. I might do that myself.



People have definitely fascinated with the lives of Baninay Bautista and Bont Bryan Oropel on YouTube. With almost 4 Million subscribers on the platform, they've continued to delight the public and their subscribers especially those invested about their relationship. They're going to take it up a notch this year as they start a full on YouTube reality series called "TEAM LOVE: THE REALITY" premiering this April 1st on their respective YouTube channels.

As you may know, theirs ain't a perfect relationship. They've been on an off in different times, and you'll see this raw on the show. They will include several important people from their families, and also several celebrity friends (which they will divulge later). This event was attended by over 100 YouTubers, influencers, friends and family (and media people). 

We watched the first episode, and surely, it was so surprising that they didn't leave out the stressful fights and personal moments which might be very interesting for some.

We got to interview them before the screening and here's what transpired on video:



This will be 6 episodes that will be released in the consecutive Sundays after April 1st, so make sure you subscribe to their channels and see what's happening with TEAM LOVE in front and behind the scenes.


Celebrate SAMGYUPSALAMAT All This March!

Looks like you're gonna be off saying SAMGYUPSALAMAT a little longer as the restaurant known for offering premium unlimited K-BBQ is celebrating Sangyeopsal Day on March 3 (same as in Korea) and extending festivities til the end of the month. This means, there's going to be more time to enjoy Korean food, banchan (side dishes) and meat for only Php 333 (a special rate they did on March 3, 13 and 23) on March 30. Patrons who avail of this promo and decide to participate with the Samgyupsalamat Hallyu Challenge can win a trip to Jeju Island, any KPOP or KDrama fan would relly love that!

After weathering the pandemic, SAMGYUPSALAMAT has continued to grow with the help of their loyal customers in over 70 branches across the country. This is why they are doing this huge "THANK YOU" on these dates. If you want to know more about their recent promos or offers, just search for SAMGYUPSALAMAT on social channels, there's certainly more to come!