GCASH Launches New Products in Loans, Finance, and Insurance Services

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

This morning was a little nice courtesy of our friends from GCASH. The number one financial app is gearing towards more services that offer financial freedom and capacity to grow your business (especially for SME's), grow your own money, insure your properties and life, and even lend you some money if you need it.

The only challenge is to have this be available for everyone, and this is where the GCASH app comes in. This is something that can unlock your financial goals, the tools that does it all. It's the electronic wallet that does payments and seamless transactions and there's no time to do it but now. They're glad to know that people are using the name GCASH synonymous with payment, and they're introducing these new services to cater to more people that want innovation.

Easy, accessible and affordable, they introduce GLoan. Tony Isidro the CEO of Fuse Lending Inc. says "Over half of Filipinos have banking access, but only 20 percent acquire loans. If they need one, they borrow from friends, loan sharks, which puts them in disadvantage sometimes. GCash wants finance for all, so now we're introducing lending products that are transparent and fair. GLoan is something that goes to your wallet without filling up any documents. If you are qualified, just go to GLoan section on the app and get it instantly. You can use it to pay for bills, essentials, shopping, tuition, or other products and services. You can also use it for capital. There's also GGives, which you can use to pay for products without having a credit card. You can pay for it in 12 months, and there are various commercial establishments and partner merchants that accept it. You can buy furniture, TV, go out without any down payment needed. Our goal is giving everyone access to finance, it's finance for all."

Jong Layug the current Head of Wealth Management introduced existing GSave. He says "This helps people save, go without piggy banks, keeping money at home, and CIMB does a good job managing funds. You also earn interest, allows consumers to save instead of just keeping it stagnant. It's also protected by PDIC and helps you keep it safely. One out of 5 Filipinos already have a GSave account, and growing more. People also want to invest, which is why we have BPI and ATRAM so they could do investments. From local and global funds, you can start growing your wealth so you could achieve your financial goals conveniently. You can expect more in the next few months."

Head of GCash New Business Neil Trinidad introduces GInsure. Access to it is a little problematic in the Philippines because it's expensive, inaccessible, and people think they don't need it. He says "More people find insurance relevant now especially Gen Z's. GInsure is easy to discover and is in one marketplace, if you need it for live or non life items, 14 right now is available, it's affordable, and is offered in different price points. Even cover dengue and COVID for only 300 pesos. We want it easy for people to purchase, and now it takes 2 minutes to do that. This enables access for more Filipinos, our mission is to make partnerships that cover life, non-life, vehicle, even bill protect. We also have insurance plans for businesses, you can even gift it to others, and soon it'll cover policies for employees, MSME's, evolving everyday. 4 out of 10 Filipinos now have a pet, and now Pet Insurance is also available. There's also Online Shopping Insurance, so those retail frauds can be resolved fast, all in GInsure." 

Here's excerpts from the press conference this morning


A lot of Filipinos will surely benefit from this, so if you're in the mood to be one of them, go download the app on the App store or Google Play today!


Artistry, Fun and Music at Fête de la Musique 2022 Celebrations Across the Country!

Friday, June 24, 2022

Everyone loves music, and we've enjoyed in the Philippines immensely through Fête de la Musique. They're back in a big way as pandemic restrictions ease and live performances are going back, they're doing it in different parts of the country. Whilst we've been locked down the past few years and enjoyed it online, they promise to bring French artists in like DJ Blutch, Marc Fichel among others. They will be collaborating with our home grown talents, so there's really something to look forward to this year!

As with the previous years, this will be 100 percent FREE and you will see artists like Autotelic, Leanne and Naara, Chets, Lola Amour, Syd Hartha, Dilaw, Eloisa, and Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas perform on stage for everyone's enjoyment. This is presented to you by Alliance Francaise de Manille together with the Embassy of France to the Philippines and Micronesia, B-Side Productions in cooperation with the Department of Tourism -  Philippines. Make sure you catch the schedules by following their social channels particularly their Facebook page located at https://www.facebook.com/FetePH. Locations include Manila, Cebu, Siargao among others. Make sure you're there as there are other local musicians and artists joining in the fun!

Here's some excerpts from the press conference a few days ago which was hosted at Sofitel Manila. 


Lumina Homes Asks You to "Rush Your Move" in 16 Locations Nationwide

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Finding a home has always been a dream for every Filipino. A place where they could take refuge, take care of their family, raise kids in a community that would make them well rounded individuals - and perhaps be accessible to every convenience in life. These days, acquiring homes have been complicated, tedious and not to mention hard to finance. Though if you're trying to find a good deal, Lumina Homes has got you covered with their "Rush Your Move" promo. As the name suggests, they now have made it easier to own a house of your own. Imagine how you would get you to save over Php 168,000 off the actual price, which certainly is something unprecedented in the industry... and pretty difficult to resist. 

See, they're offering two-storey houses at Php 35,000 down payment. They even went a mile and made that price payable in 2 months. Add to that figure a whopping 8 percent discount if your bank loan gets released in 2 months. Isn't that a good deal?

They also made it available in 16 Lumina Home locations nationwide. This includes historic Tarlac, Balanga in Bataan, Subic in Zambales, Baliwag Bulacan, their two townships Bacolod 1 and 2 in Negros, Iloilo, Bauan, Sto.Tomas, Lipa and Tanauan in Batangas, Quezon, Sariaya, Tanza Cavite, Cabanatuan and San Jose in Nueva Ecija. This makes the choices quite varied for those who prefer quiet provincial life, city dwelling, because they made sure it's still churches, restaurants, groceries, transport locations so you could live comfortably with your family. There are also business establishments around, if you're looking for work or more, being in these properties would make life so convenient.

If you're seriously considering to live here, get in touch with a friendly Lumina Homes Sales and Marketing representative so you could join their 360 degree tours and see quality made homes that's ready for occupancy. Available models include the Athena which is a Single Firewall house that's got 53 square meter floor area and 63 sq.m. lot area. They also have the Armina (also a Single Firewall house) with 42 square meter floor area and 54 square meter lot. The nice Adriana Townhouse on the other hand has 44 square meters of floor area and about 36 square meter lot area. The pretty Angeli Townhouse has got a 42 square meter floor area and about 36 square meter lot. They also have the Angelique Townhouse that's got a 35 square meter floor area and around 36 square meter lot which you can choose in different areas of these communities.


I wouldn't be surprised if this gets taken advantage of by people who would want to invest in real estate. You can buy one then have it rented out and have income early because it's all ready. It's an opportune time to buy a home and if that becomes an investment, you're in a good place. Engr. Joemi Tan, Lumina Homes Division Head for North and East Luzon says "It would be a good opportunity for people to invest in a Lumina property so they could have a home that can be leased and be a source of income. We've got different RFO units they can choose from."

If this interests you in any way, make sure to follow @LuminaHomesOfficial on Facebook or their official website www.lumina.com.ph today!


TaskUs Holds Job Fair in Bohol

Monday, June 20, 2022

After letting us experience this about two years ago, the good people at TaskUs continued to spread their Ridiculously Good Culture, this time to the heart of Philippine islands called Bohol. It's capital Tagbilaran was the venue for the Grand Career Fair held at Metro Centre Hotel.

This is what TaskUs meant as "going where the talent is" as their company continues to grow despite global challenges caused by the pandemic. This was attended and supported by different Bohol educational institutiions, local government and non profit organizations, plus other training institutes aimed to employ talented Bol-anons this side of the world. Ms. Regina Aguila says "We have a different work culture at TaskUs and provide very competitive health coverage, wellness programs (free), career advancement opportunities. We call them teammates, and have always known how it positively impacts their work. This goes the same with the service they render for customers and the community."

TaskUs started in the developing city in 2019 and has made Lizzy's Playground an iconic workplace to be in this region. This is part of their "Work Hard, Have Fun" mantra that makes working in the company even more exciting. If you missed their job fair, fret not as you can show your intentions to join them via their website TaskUs.com/careers or their recruitment hubs.