10 Wireless Industry Trends by Huawei's David Huang

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

hat would you think 2030 would look like? During the recent Global Mobile Broadand Forum in Dubai, David Wang, the Executive Director and Chairman of ICT Infrastructure Managing Board for Huawei explained how they have identified what future oriented wireless networks would be defined as and what ICT pros should prepare for the Intelligent World in 2030.

He explained it through 10 wireless industry trends during this keynote speech signifying how the digital economy will become a major driver for economies and why we need to grow with green ways in an atmosphere that's got rock hard network security.

10Gbps for Physical Digital integration

The need for 10Gbps to make information exchange expand and deepen is important.

One Netowrk for IoT Connections

Your devices will connect, including those accesed in cellular networks. Power consumption should be lower, easier to manage.

Satellite to Ground Collab for 3D

Wireless gaps should be improved by satellites. Increase in utilization is near.

Integrated Sensing and Communications for True Digital Replicas

Improvement in communication between digital and radio will happen, integrated, it can happen with ultra wide band MIMO tech.

Intelligence in Every Industry and Connection

Networks will become integrated with AI, things will become autonomous.

Full Link and Cycle Green Networks

Less energy consumption, higher energy efficiency and sustainable networks.

Flexible Full Band Sub 100GHz

Networks will grow, additional sub 100 GHz spectrum should be utilized.

Generalized Multi Antenna for Reduced Per Bit Cost

Multi Antenna technologies would reduce per bit data transmission costs.

Security as Cornerstone for a Digital Future

Simplify security services. Use cloud based synergies to promote digital transformation.

Mobile Computing Network for Device Pipe Cloud Collaboration

Networks will support different kinds of services including vehicles. Have uninterrupted high quality connections using cloud.

For more information about it, you may see their white paper here huawei.com/en/technology-insights/industry-insights/outlook/mobile-2030-10-wireless-industry-trends


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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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Huawei's Got Green 5G

In the recent Global Mobile Broadband Forum, Huawei's Executive Director and President of Carrier Business Group discussed Green 5G Networks for a Low-Carbon Future. In it, he reiterated how the technology would spur growth especially with the increase in data traffic. Harnessing innovation in the way it consumes energy should also be done in technologies involved in power supply, distribution, of its use and how it is managed. It should perform at a higher degree but have lower energy consumption over all. In a sense, it's an effort to build more green 5G networks.

The problem currently is that there's small penetration of it in countries and they won't see its returns and value if it ain't utilized by a greater number of people. According to him, 5G drives rapid growth of mobile data traffic and at the rate that it is going now, energy consumption will be ten times higher if switching to it doesn't happen. They have a range of products that addresses this including iSolar power supplies. It will lessen dependencies on fossil fuel. He also mentioned that this has been utilized in over 100 countries, slowly inching their way to put green efforts in everything they do. Quite noble if it gets traction. It'll be nice to see things realized especially the green results they want to happen even before that year. 

 You may check huawei.com for more information about this.