Gym Bloopers...or am I just stupid?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Im at the gym right now and flooding myself with my blog....well since I did wreck it...I changed templates and voila! The youtube video wall is gone...but I think I would probably learn how to get that thing back in a couple of days since I saved the codes in my Email drafts...
I was not able to go to gym for 4 straight days and when I got here...I forgot my shoes Dammit!
Talk about memory gap...It's really too much for me but if I get the chance to workout tommorrow I will try my best to get it's worth.... I'm excited to go out with friends to Galera this coming week...I hope I enjoy everything there as what news "predicts" I do....If I dont enjoy it, then maybe I can do fun for myself...I hope to run out in the dark naked since nobody knows me there anyway ahahaha....that would be a nice thing to look at beleive me! hahaha....
I was in a couple of clubs in the last three days that's why I was not able to go to gym....then even if it was my day off, I still went to office to somewhat prepare for work tommorrow...I hope to get a little bit organized...Coz if I wont make it look good...maybe someone else will...and I do not like that really....but who cares right? maybe sooner or later I would get the best of everything....Im not impatient but the perks would be nice right?! : )

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