Free MP3 Downloads and the hell I'm in....

Monday, March 26, 2007

Well, after a gruesome week of ranting about things that happened here in the office...I'll probably take a rest from that and point you into the right direction where to get your MP3 files....I found a forum site that has everything you may need to fill up your playlists.... And I've really been so happy with my headcandy and all.... the site is
With just a few clicks, even if you are using a restricted computer, all you need is to save zip files on your PC's and extract it....hopefully you can do it too... =)
But what still lingers in my mind is the events that took place this week...Don't ever get me wrong that mayber I have forgotten it already.... Nope! I am still angry at them... and you will never ever realize how big this was for me....I momentarily forgot these things because of this site I discovered.... so there you go...IM STILL MAD.... and by the way....I dont really forget things like these.... I will have to retaliate..... You cannot really tell me what to do and how I should treat they better be ready when I strike back... I am carefully planning it already....
I will strike when the enemy least expects it....I'm severely pissed already so don't push me! PEOPLE HERE WILL SURELY BURN AT THE STAKE!!

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