PUPIL .... and Ely Buendia!!! Waaaa!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

OMG! its kinda great to see my long lost IDOL again! Ely has been detremental to my success in the music industry..If I was a part of it... I remember journeying back to UP sunken garden and frat days wherein I got sooooo overwhelmed by the sheer sight of marcus, buddy and raymund.... then there came my own personal hero ELY BUENDIA!!!

I've got all my albums signed...(yeah I know they were all tapes and only a couple of them were CD's) but that was really the trend before...it was really on those medias that I could enjoy them all...sheesh... I hate the time I heard about Ely ages ago when he was undergoing surgery coz of a heart thingy.... and yes I still am idolizing him after all these years... but this time... it'll be within the realms of PUPIL... I'll follow their success as always and look forward to their albums... but of course I'll be hopeful for an ERASERHEADS comeback.. NOBODY WILL STOP ME FROM THINKIN THAT WAY!!! heheh... =P

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