Yeah Im back dating and emo girl!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Well...havent blogged for a while so I decided to go back to my usual habits... this emo boy of yours is now back in business....oh yeah haven't I told you yet? I got back being single last Jan 31'st.... and now... I'm back datin!!

Yeah I know...kinda cheesy.... and a bit abrupt.... Its all good since I ended up friends with my now EX Joanna... she's all good but the pressures of going from here to Pampanga every week for 6 months just got to me I guess.... so that's that and a couple of things..... my fault.... EXACTLY!

Well since I have been too bad...I just got back dating this nursing student from UST... and damn she's pretty.... she's a friend of a common friend so its quite okay... well I must admit I got interested with here even at the time I was committed.... I wont tell you I have another GF of course! =P hahaha


Anyway, life aint easy...I wish I could press rewind and turn back the hands of time...but it dont get any better as each day go by..... PS Im still not over you but since I am single... I wanna love this girl now.... let me try it again okay? Oh and its a good thing that she lives about 10 minutes away from me.... we'd probably know in a few days how I do in this new girl Im dating..... Im a good guy...i deserve better! Caching! kapish!

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