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Thursday, June 05, 2008

BLACKJACK was the name of the game. Ben Campbell is an MIT student incredibly good with numbers. He needs money so he can get into Harvard Med School. His simple geek life changed. Doing good in Linear Equations, he met Mickey Rosa played by Kevin Spacey and got invited in a group called the Black Jack Team.

With 5 members comprising of 3 spotters and 2 big players, they all went to Las Vegas and started working on casinos turning them bottoms up! Clearing them up required the team. Then one night when he lost focus because of personal reasons, he lost a lot as well. Mickey took him out of the team and got him caught, ransacked his apartment and got everything that he earned, even the money he was saving for Harvard.

With nothing to lose, he pretended to make amends with Kevin Spacey and got back on the team. Not knowing he only set him up so he can get his money back.He got Cole Williams played by Laurence Fishburne easy retirement money and got all his friends to join in and rob the casino of millions.

Now he got his revenge. All in all it was a very nice movie. I thought sometimes the scenes were predictable, but some were twisted a lot here and there.... I give this movie 4 KUMAGS!!!!

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