Back to the basics: The story behind our Team Building in Anawangin Bay

Sunday, December 09, 2007

It was long OVERDUE... we were all exited about this event since we were all slumped behind deadlines and paperworks the whole year... this was the only time we get to spend together as a team somewhere remote other than just behind our 7 computer stations in the office... The date was set November 25-26..but of course we had to cancel it because of bad weather...go out and figure almost 3 Typhoons to stop us!!!

So we had to cancel that trip...all hell breaks loose... but Robbie the persistent one eyed the next week December 2 to replace this on our books.... if we didn't go now...we might not even go there at all...and so we did!

I was dead tired... I woke up at around 8 and spent the whole night partying out with friends in Malate, Timog-Morato Area.... drank and spanked some booties of some unknown bitches we usually go out with...but that's a totally different story (which would probably contain FUBU'S and PMS's hahah!) one can really stop back to the story...I waited a few hours then headed onto the bus station in Victory Liner Cubao since call time was 5AM...I was there at 4:45...when my Dad dropped me off, Ms. Jhay our lovely manager and Vince (together with Jen which later I found out was his GF obviously) was there...I thought I was late or sumthin but mind you Robbie was no where to be found... YES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.... he was LATE!!!

Well it was okay, we planned to go ahead without him (on some notions) since we were wasting time at the station instead of traveling...but there were no buses that would take us straight into Zambales. When he arrived we took Olongapo so we could save time... and so we did.....

When we arrived at Olongapo, I was worried I would fall short of money but OMG there were no ATM's around!!! Broken and offline!! All 4 of them on that city!!! JesuCristi!!!!

But it's okay, I think I spent about a few thousand bucks on this trip (which I had on my wallet thank God!!!) and that was sufficient already and everybody told me not to worry about it too much... and so I did... =)

When we got there (Zambales town proper), it was dead I wasn't expecting too much of the place since I don't really like swimming or beaches at all... after going to the market and Robbie with Ms. Jhay buying stuff for out dinner, we rode 2 tricycles and went to the port to get to the island...but before we did we ate lunch first....

Lunch was consisted of menudo, dinuguan and chop suey...I was hesitant to eat the dinuguan but after a few bites, it was all I was eating out of my plate...So after that and a few bottles of POP cola...I was exited to go hiking with everybody... so instead of going through the easy way of going there by boat...we all headed to the mountains and started trekking... approximately they had 4hours estimate of climbing but OMG...this was the start of a grueling 6 hour climb, bouldering and hard realization that it was NOT SO MUCH of a FUN CLIMB as everyone was telling me....sheesh!!!

So we walked...and walked... and walked some more... if you see in this picture the mountains on the back....I never knew we had to go over that on it's right side and still walk a long way down...whatta fun hike!! whatta fun!!! (sarcastically)
And so it was Christmas time already when we got was a reaaaaaaly long let me rephrase that... It was a REAAAAAAAAAALY LONGGGG hike....which I underestimated at most...sheesh...I've been hiking since I was a kid and scouting was a luxury...but this one was SOOOOO LOOOONG!!!!

It was not only long, it was so damn painful after a few hours...the guide was misleading...he was taking it easy, and in the beginning I was even right behind him but looking back I was just using adrenaline already....hayyy....I'll try to tell you the rest of the story later... its taking me too long to tell you stories like these so I'll just update this later ayt?!

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