So how was my NOT SO HAPPY Christmas?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Well how about that.... almost a whole month of unblogging and now I'm back with a vengeance!! Let's start on discussing the whole December okay? ^_^

After the beautiful ANAWANGIN BAY trip I had with my office mates, I went on to celebrate my birthday with friends and family. We went out and drank a few KEG's of draft beer....pigged out on food from every restaurant in morato... literally... and I ran here and there to make it back to work and appear normal to people here...sheesh.....My birthday was not was just that boring if you ask me...The only gift I received was a day from my best friend in college... I went there to visit...and get in touch with my so called second family there....and then "you know what from my girlfriend" ^_^ heheh.... I love my wifey... IM SOO MUCH INLOVE WITH MY WIFEY!! Hayyy... but I aint gonna get married soon... I hope...heheh...

I plan to celebrate my birthday on a different day... well I have no plans yet but that is in the works I guess... ^_^. In the office, we just had our annual Christmas Party...I think that was nice coz I won something.... Performer of the Year that was a whopping 5k huh?! Ehehe.....but all my dreams were shattered.... because as much as I earned this Christmas, it all went down the drain coz I got our house repaired, painted and everything else my Dad want's to do with it...sheesh.... I thought I could save a lot this season but DANG! I was so wrong...sheesh..... oh well...that was it...I couldn't do anything about it.....Glug glug glug (toilet noise)...but overall the party was nice....and I was at home...coz I was already emo even when they started that thang!

Now on to the days after that... I got my skeds fixed specifically so I could spend the weekend at get together with the Torres clan... I had a blast! Lotsa lechon! ahahahah...and dang that restaurant had the best lechon sauce too! ^_^ EAT EAT EAT...goodluck to my diet again! I'm sick....spent my Christmas with biogesic, neozep and ampicin 500... I dont want to get sick...almost a few days only for my perfect attendance! weee!!! Lotsa money means more happiness!! who say's money can't buy happiness??? That we have to see ^_^ Till my next blog alrighty???

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